Chapter 1

  1. What is an ecosystem?
    • - Includes all the interacting parts of a biological community and its environment 
    • - ie. forest, pond, arctic, sea, tundra, rain forest
  2. What is a sustainable ecosystem?
    - An ecosystem that is capable of withstanding pressure and giving support to a variety of organisms (biotic and abiotic)
  3. What kind are examples of pressures are in an ecosystem?
    • - Winter
    • - Humans
  4. Define biotic organisms.
    Anything living or formerly living
  5. What are the biotic characteristics?
    • - Plants (Producers)
    • - Animals
    • - Microorganisms
    • - Fungi
  6. What is the lithosphere?
    The hard part of the Earth's surface; includes rock and soil.
  7. What is the hydrosphere?
    All the water found on earth including lakes, oceans, ground water, and freshwater.
  8. What is the atmosphere?
    The layer of gases above the Earth's surface; includes air.
  9. What is the biosphere?
    Regions of the Earth where living organisms exist; not seperate from other abiotic spheres, including life in soil, water and air.
  10. What are nutrients?
    • - Nutrients are chemicals that are needed by living organisms to survive
    • - Nutrients are cycled through Earth's spheres
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