10 Emotions that Add Juice to Life

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  1. Love and Warmth
    If you want to create a behavior the best way to get yourself to do something is to put yourself in a emotional state where that behavior is automatic.
  2. Appreciative and Greatfull
    you are going to do more than necessary to nuture the people around and caring
  3. Curiosity
    • If you really want to grow in life learn how to be curious.
    • cultivate the emotion of curiosity and life becomes ending study of joy.
    • think of kids
  4. Excited and Passionate every day
    • Excitement and passion add juice to life.
    • Man is truly create when he acts from his passion.  Passion add to life enjoyment
    • We decide to feel good- committed to live those emotions- you choose to feel this way.
  5. Determination
    put yourself in a state of determination
  6. Flexibility
    • Guarantee success - a call to be more flexible
    • be more
  7. confidence
    • you are willing to try new things
    • one way to get confidence is to use the muscle more often - exercise it every day
    • Choose to be confident in the situation
    • Choose confident over fear
  8. Be Cheerful
    there is a difference between happy and Cheerful in the inside
  9. Feeling Healthy
    • Feeling vibrant - everything bounce off you.
    • practice the things you know that will make you vibrant and alive
  10. Sense of Contribution
    • if every day you feel like what you do add something not to your life but to others as well then like takes on deeper new meaning.
    • the more we give the more we are addicted to do more.
  11. Albert Einstein
    Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.
  12. Albert Einstein
    • A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness in
    • which it occurs.
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