1. el ajedrez
  2. guapo(a)
  3. viejo(a)
  4. Dormir (ue)
    to sleep
  5. Asisitir
    to attend
  6. poder (ue)
    to be able to
  7. volver (
    to return; to go back
  8. probar (ue)
    to try; to taste
  9. empezar (ie)
    to begin
  10. entre otros(as)
    among others
  11. ¿por qué crees que es...?
    why do you think it is...?
  12. consejos
  13. además
  14. tambien
  15. que no se preocupen
    Do not worry
  16. Levantar
    to get up
  17. acostar
    to go to bed
  18. afeitar
    to shave
  19. secar
    to dry
  20. bañarse
    to bathe
  21. poner
    to put on
  22. poner la mesa
    set the table
  23. preparar la cena
    prepare/make dinner
  24. pasar la aspiradora
    to vacuum
  25. arreglar la sala
    straighten up the living room
  26. limpiar
  27. to clean
  28. limpiar el baño
    clean the bathroom
  29. decorar el patio
    decorate the patio
  30. visitar un museo
    visit the museum
  31. pasear en bote
    ride on the boat
  32. conocer el centro
    to visit downtown
  33. ir de compras al mercado
    to go shopping in the market
  34. ir al zoologico
    to go to the zoo
  35. conozoco
  36. I know
  37. Yo se
    I know
  38. Puedo ayudarte?
    Can I help you?
  39. Que hay que hacer en la cocina?
    What need to be done in the kitchen?
  40. Que mas tengo que hacer?
    What else do I have to do?
  41. Debes lavar...
    You should...
  42. Algo mas?
    Anything else?
  43. no te olvides...
    don't forget...
  44. tener prisa
    to be in a hurry
  45. tener calor
    to be hot
  46. tener frio
    to be cold
  47. tener sed
    to be thirsty
  48. tener sueño
    to be sleepy
  49. tener hamber
    to be hungry
  50. tener suerte
    to be lucky
  51. tener...anos
    to be... years old
  52. tener que + infinitive
    to have to
  53. tener catarro
    to have a cold/ to be sick
  54. tener ganas de + infinitive
    to feel like
  55. deber
    should, ought to
  56. pensar (ie)
    to plan to/ to think
  57. preferir (ie)
    to prefer, would rather
  58. solo
  59. cocinar
    to cook
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