Hemeoglobin and Myoglobin

  1. Describe the organic portion of the porphyrin ring.
    • 4 pyrrole gropusĀ 
    • 4 methyl groups
    • 2 vinyl groups
    • 2 propionates
  2. Describe the 6 coordinated bonds to Fe in the heme.
    • 4 nitrogens of the pyrrole rings
    • 1 His93 (F8)
    • 1 epty, o2, co,H2O
  3. _____ reduces space forcing O2 to bind at an angle.
    Distal histidine (E7)
  4. What prevents the Fe in the heme group from oxidizing?
    The non-polar environment
  5. What are the three forms of of myoglobin and what are their 5th and 6th coordination positions?
    Deoxymyoglobin(+2) 5: Hist F8 6: empty

    Oxymyoglobin(+2) 5: Hist F8 6: O2

    Ferrimyoglobin(+3) 5:Hist F8 6: H2O
  6. What effect does the E7 Distal Histidine have on carbon monoxide?
    It decreases the affinity
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