Sociology chp.2 (2)

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  1. Consistency with which the same measure produces similar results after time.
  2. Is the degree to which a measure is accurate and really measures what it claims to measure. 
  3. well-defined group of people or things that is of interest
  4. that part of the population that is studied
  5. each person or thing has an equal chance of being selected
    probability sample
  6. based on convenience or availability
    Nonprobability sample
  7. Involves examining and interpreting non numerical material 
    (nonnumeric description)
    Ex:A researcher works in a meat-packing plant and describes his experiences
    Qualitative research
  8. Sociologist focus on a numerical analysis of people's responses or specific characteristics 
    (numerical analysis)
    Ex: Reported number of safety violations are analyzed in relationship to number of inspections.
    Quantitative research
  9. Sociologists usually talk about _____ —the relationship between _____ —rather than ____-.
    Correlation, variables, causation
  10. Used to systematically collect data from respondents using questionaries, face to face interviews, telephone interviews, or a combination of these techniques.
  11. Examines data that have been collected by someone else
    Secondary analysis
  12. Includes historical materials, personal documents, public records, and official statistics
    Secondary analysis
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