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  1. What are the 3 states of Matter?
    Solids, Liquids, Gas
  2. How many cu. Inches in a cu. foot?
  3. Write out the formula for density?
    D= W/V
  4. Given a piece of steel is 3 cu. feet, and density is 490lb/ft3, how much does this piece weigh?
    490 x 3 = 1,470 lbs
  5. What does the atomic number tell us ?
    The weight of Protons.
  6. What does the atomic weight tell us ?
    The total weight of Neutrons and Protons
  7. What charge does a Proton have ?
  8. What charge does a Neutron have ?
  9. What charge does an electron have?
  10. What are elements?
    Elements are the basic materials of which all substances are composed.
  11. What is an atom?
    The smallest particle of an element which can exist either alone or in combination with other elements.
  12. What are the two main parts of an atom?
    Nucleus and the Electrons.
  13. Which atom is the simplest of all the atoms containing only one proton as its nucleus, and one electron?
    The Hydrogen atom
  14. List 5 elements commonly used in the piping industry.
    • Argon Ar
    • Oxygen O
    • Zinc Zn
    • Tungsten W
    • Hydrogen H
  15. What is the lightest element known?
  16. What is the heaviest element known?
  17. What is the melting point of Copper?
    1,083 Degrees Celsius
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