MTC Psychology1120A Chapter 4 Review

  1. Define: Consciousness
    Our awareness of various cognitive processes, such as sleeping, dreaming, concentrating, and making decisions.
  2. Define: Waking Consciousness
    Mental state that encompasses the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that occur when we are awake and reasonably alert.
  3. What is ASC – Altered State of Consciousness ?
    Changes in consciousness or being detached from our external environment…Mental states that differ noticeably from normal waking consciousness.
  4. What are Daydreams?
    • **A Natural ASC**
    • Effortless and spontaneous shifts in attention away from the here and now into a private world of make believe.

    --Usually come in waves surging about every 90 minutes and peaks between 12:00 and 2:00. One half of a persons waking hours are filled with fantasies.
  5. What are some key things about sleep?
    • A Natural ASC
    • One third of our lives are spent sleeping – a natural state of rest characterized by a reduction I voluntary body movement and decreased awareness of the surroundings.
    • Functions of Sleep – do we really know?
    • Serves a restorative function, physically and mentally.
    • boosts our immune response
    • provides insightful solutions to problems
    • conserve and restore energy
  6. What are Circadian Rhythms?
    • Regular biological rhythm that operates according to a 24 hour schedule of chemicals, hormones, temperatures, metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and alertness. Sleep – wake cycle
    • Epinephrine and other hormones
    • Body temperature
    • High temp corresponds to high level of alertness
    • Low temp corresponds to reduced alertness and motivation.
    • Heart rate
    • Important for detecting disease
    • Problems with Circadian Rhythms
  7. Problems with Shift Work
    • Difficult when done too often.
    • Should go from days to evenings to nights, gradually
    • What happens to you when you are deprived of sleep? Mistakes and accidents increase because attention span decreases.
  8. What is Jet Lag?
    Temporary maladjustment that occurs when a change of time zones causes biological rhythms to be out of step with logical time.
  9. What is Melatonin?
    Chemical produced by the pineal gland. Bright light suppresses the release of the chemical and darkness triggers the release of the chemical.
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