VTI Unit 1, Pt A, L1

  1. Number Symbols
    More commonly called numerals, symbols used to represent quantities
  2. Operation Symbols
    Symbols such as, + (add), - (subtract), x (multiply) and ÷ (divide), used to indicate action
  3. Relation Symbols
    symbols such as = (is equal to), > (is greater than), and < (is less than), used to show comparisons, as well as combinations such as Image Upload 1 (is greater than or equal to), Image Upload 2 (is less than or equal to), and the negations of all of these ( =, >, <, Image Upload 3 ) among others
  4. Grouping Symbols
    Symbols such as ( ) (parentheses), [ ] (brackets), and { } (braces), used to show groupings
  5. Placeholder Symbols
    - more commonly called variables, symbols such as a, b, c (letters of the alphabet) and empty boxes, used to hold the place of a number until the number has been identified
Card Set
VTI Unit 1, Pt A, L1
Cards for VideoText Interactive Unit 1