Body Organization and Terminology A & P Lab

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  1. anatomical position
    The standard reference position for the body; standing with arms hanging at sides with palms forward, gives meaning to directional terms
  2. Dorsal
    Pertaining to the back (posterior); includes the spinal cavity
  3. Ventral
    Pertaining to the front (abdomen) (anterior); ventral cavities include the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities
  4. Medial
    Of or toward the middle
  5. Lateral
    Of or toward the side
  6. Cranial
    Pertaining to the skull; cranial cavity contains the brain
  7. Spinal
    Pertaining to the spine; spinal cavity contains spinal chord
  8. Thoracic
    Pertaining to the chest; thoracic cavity contains trachea, esophagus, etc.
  9. Pleural
    Right and left side cavities that contain the right and left lung, respectively
  10. Pericardial
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