Windows 7 Chapter 2 Book

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  1. Which Windows 7
    design improvement over Windows XP simplifies the development of service
    packs and therefore reduces the risk of implementing service packs?
  2. Which Windows 7
    design improvement allows applications that require administrative
    privileges to run even when the user running the application does not
    have administrative privileges?
  3. Which task cannot be performed by using ImageX?
  4. What server-side component is used to manage the deployment of Windows 7 over a network?
  5. Which utility is used to create answer files for unattended installations?
  6. Which utility is
    used to prepare computers for imaging by removing specific information,
    such as the computer name and computer SID?
  7. Which installation methods require booting into Windows PE before Windows 7 starts?
  8. Which installation method can be used to distribute Windows 7 with applications already installed?
  9. The __________ installation method is best suited to small organizations that install Windows 7 only occasionall
  10. A clean installation of an operating system is typically considered to be more stable than an upgrade installation.
  11. Which methods can you use to migrate user settings from a previous operating system to Windows 7?
  12. Which folder is used to store user profiles in Windows 7?
  13. Which methods can you use to place applications from a previous operating system on Windows 7?
  14. When
    reinstalling Windows 7 as a dual boot installation with another
    operating system, it is recommended to keep Windows 7 on the same
    partition as the other operating system.
  15. In which situation is dual booting required because virtualization is not able to perform the task?
  16. Which of the following are benefits of virtualization over dual booting?
  17. Which operating systems can Windows Easy Transfer migrate user settings and files from?
  18. Windows Easy Transfer can migrate the user settings and files for multiple users in a single pass.
  19. Which utility can be used to update drivers in an existing Windows 7 image?
  20. Which configuration passes automatically search for an autounattend.xml file, if an answer file is not specified?
  21. Which configuration pass can be used to perform disk partitioning operations?
  22. Which configuration pass is performed by Sysprep?
  23. A WIM image file
    containing two Windows 7 images will be approximately twice as big as a
    WIM image file containing one Windows 7 image.
  24. Which options must be used with ImageX to save changes to an image?
  25. Which of the following are benefits of ImageX?
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