The Psycho-Social-Cultural Aspects of the Antepartum Period

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  1. Maternal Tasks women undergo during the course of pregnancy:
    Ensuring safe passage for herself and her child refers to the mother's knowledge and care-seeking behaviors to ensure that both emerge from pregnancy healthy

    Ensuring social acceptance of the child by significant others refers to the woman engaging her social network in the pregnancy

    Attaching or "binding-in" to the child refers to the development of maternal-fetal attachment

    Giving of oneself to the demands of being a mother refers to the mother's willingness and efforts to make personal sacrifices for the child
  2. When assessing ambivalence (which is normal in first trimester), it is important to assess:
    • Reason for ambivalence
    • Intensity of the ambivalence
  3. The Antenatal Psychosocial Health Assessment tool asseses:
    • Social Support
    • Recent stressful life events
    • Couple's relationships
    • Onset of prenatal care
    • Plans for prenatal education
    • Feelings toward pregnancy after 20 weeks
    • Relationship with parents in childhood
    • Self-esteem
    • History or psychiatric/emotional problems
    • Depression in this pregnancy
    • Alcohol/Drug abuse
    • Family Violence
  4. 3 Phases men go through as adaptations to pregnancy:
    Announcement Phase-- still in the process of "believing" he will be a dad

    Moratorium Phase-- conscious thought of pregnancy aside

    Focusing Phase-- actively involved
  5. Belief that customs and values of the dominant culture are preferred or superior in some way, creates obstacles that can make culturally sensitive care challenging to implement
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