Chapter 3 - Gathering and Appraising Literature

  1. A systematic and critical appraisal of the most important literature on a topic, is a key step in the research process that provides the basis of a research study.
    Literature review
  2. Research articles and books by the original author
    Primary sources
  3. Published articles or books that are written by persons other than the individual who conducted the research study or developed the theory.
    Secondary sources
  4. PICO
    Problem, intervention, comparison, outcome
  5. Developed to assist clinicians in their search for the highest level of evidence.
    6s hierarchy of pre appraised evidence
  6. The highest level of the pyramid that integrates evidence-based clinical information into an electronic medical record.
    Computerized decision support system
  7. What are the 6 levels of the 6s hierarchy pyramid?
    Systems: computerized decision support systems.

    Summaries: evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and evidence-based textbooks. 

    Synopsis of synthesis: such as their health evidence evidence based abstraction journals. 

    Synthesis: systematic reviews 

    Synopsis of studies: evidence based abstraction journals.

    Studies: original articles published in journals
  8. A tedious and time-consuming process useful for finding sources that have not been entered into online data base. Use prior to the 1980. Is now referred as CINAHL
    Print indexes
  9. Has a panel of internal and external reviewers who review submitted manuscripts for possible publication
    Refereed/Peer-reviewed journals
  10. Are used to find journal sources of research and conceptual articles on a variety of topics including doctoral dissertations.
    Electronic data
  11. Uses a search engine such as Internet Explorer, mozella, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to conduct searches.
    Web browser
  12. Formats and stores your citations so that they are available for electronic retrieval when they are needed to insert in the paper you are writing.
    Citation management software
  13. The terms indexers have assigned to the articles in a data base. When possible, it is helpful to match the words that you use to your search to those specifically used in the data base.
    Controlled vocabularyWords
  14. used to be fine the relationships between words are groups of words in literature searches. Examples of this are words such as and, or, not, near.
    Boolean operator
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Chapter 3 - Gathering and Appraising Literature
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