1. Clissold Park N16
    Wilmington Square WC1
  2. University College Hospital W1
    Carlton Hill NW8
  3. Delware Road W9
    Camden Square NW1
  4. Park Square East NW1
    Weston Street SE1
  5. Tanner Street SE1
    Artillery Row SW1
  6. Warwick Square SW1
    York Road SW11
  7. Battersea Church Road SW11
    Goodge Street Station W1
  8. Half Moon Street W1
    FairHazel Gardens NW6
  9. Victoria Road NW6
    De Beauvoir Square N1
  10. Penn Street N1
    Portland Place W1
  11. Cavendish Square W1
    Metropolitan Tabernacle SE1
  12. London Bridge Station SE1
    Squirries Street E2
  13. Sidney Square E1
    Covent Garden Station WC2
  14. Surrey Street WC2
    Peckam Rye SE15
  15. Consort Road SE15
    Ministry of Defence SW1
  16. Parliament Square SW1
    Golden Lane EC1
  17. Finisbury Circus EC2
    Wick Road E9
  18. Well Street E9
    Finisbury Park Station N4
  19. Tollington Park N4
    Forest Road E8
  20. Hackney Central Station E8
    Sidmouth Street WC1
  21. Cartwright Gardens WC1
    Thomas More E1
  22. Glamis Road E1
    Wordsworth Road N16
  23. Aberdeen Road N5
    Old Street Station EC1
  24. Moorfield Eye Hospital EC1
    Lansdowne Way SW8
  25. Caldwell Street SW9
    Burntwood Lane SW17
  26. Streatham Cemetery SW17
    Queen's Ride SW13
  27. Stevenage Road SW6
    BBC Television entre W12
  28. Glenthorne Road W6
    Sutherland Grove SW18
  29. Huguenot Place SW18
    Sloane Square Station SW1
  30. Lupus Street SW1
    Thorton Road SW12
  31. Boundaries Road SW12
    Peterborough Road SW6
  32. Townmead Road SW6
    Old Compton Street W1
  33. Tottenham Court Road Station W1
    Flood street SW3
  34. Royal Hospital SW3
    Llderton Road SE15
  35. Sumner Road SE15
    Central Hill SE19
  36. Gipsey Hill Station SE19
    Christchurch Road SW2
  37. Herne Hill Station SE24
    Waterloo Station SE1
  38. Webber Street SE1
    Brockley Station SE4
  39. Adelaide Avenue SE4
    Sydenham Hill Station SE21
  40. Kirkdale SE26
    Southwark Crown Court SE1
  41. Saints Paul's Station EC1
    Pancras Road NW1
  42. Cumberland Market NW1
    High Street Kensington Station W8
  43. Kensington Mall W8
    Iverson Road NW6
  44. Brondsbury Park Station NW6
    Holland Park Station W11
  45. Arundel gardens W11
    Kensal Green Station NW10
  46. High Street (Harrow) NW10
    Temple Fortune Hill NW11
  47. Brent Cross Station NW11
    Gospel Oak Station NW5
  48. Highgate Road NW5
    High Street Hornsey N8
  49. Cholmeley ark N6
    Cricklewood Station NW2
  50. Shoot Up Hill NW2
    Gloucester Avenue NW1
  51. Holmes Road NW5
    Shepherdess Walk N1
  52. Essex Road Station N1
    Hackney Wick Station E9
  53. Old Ford Road E3
    Tiller Road E14
  54. Chrisp Street E14
    Museum of London EC2
  55. Great Eastern Street EC2
    Shacklewell Lane E8
  56. Amhurst Road E8
    Fotress Road NW5
  57. Kentish Town West Station NW5
    Lisson Grove NW8
  58. Abercorn Place NW8
    Three Kings Yard W1
  59. Paddington Street W1
    Fernhead Road W9
  60. Chippenham Road W9
    Queen's Club Gardens W14
  61. West Kensington Station W14
    Cambridge Road SW11
  62. Bollingbroke Grove SW11
    Munster Road SW6
  63. Chelsea Harbour Drive SW6
    Marsham Street SW1
  64. Belgrave Squre SW1
    Bouverie Street EC4
  65. Cannon Street Station EC4
    Southgate N1
  66. Pitfield Street N1
    Junction Road N19
  67. Brownswood Road N4
    West Hamsptead Station NW6
  68. Chichele Road NW2
    Royal Crescent W12
  69. Saint Mark's Road W11
    Fitzroy Square W1
  70. Mortimer Street W1
    Blythe Road W14
  71. Warwick Gardens W14
    Harlesden Station NW10
  72. Chamberlayne Road NW10
    Conningham Road W12
  73. South Africa Road W12
    Brondsbury Station NW6
  74. Kilburn Lane W10
    Bolton Gardens SW5
  75. Earls's Court Station SW5
    Regency Street SW1
  76. Lambeth North Station SE1
    Finborough Road SW10
  77. Chelsea & Westminister Hospital SW6
    Lincoln's Inn Fields WC1
  78. Leicester Square WC2
    The Guildhall EC2
  79. Bancroft Road E1
    Saint Peter's Street N1
  80. Copenhagen Street N1
    Charing Cross Hospital WC2
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