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  1. Why is evolution considered the core theme of biology?
    Evolution accounts for the unity and diversity of life.
  2. Domain _____ and domain ____ consist of prokaryotes.
    Bacteria - Archaea
  3. Domain ____, the eukaryotes, includes various groups of protists and the kingdoms Plantae, Fungi and Animalia.
  4. Darwin proposed ______ _____as the mechanism for evolutionary adaptation of populations to their environment.
    Natural Selection
  5. In scientific _____ , scientist make observations (collect data) and ____ ____ to draw a general conclusion which developed into a testable _____.  _____  _____ makes prediction that can be used to test hypotheses.
    inquiry. -Inductive reasoning. -Hypotheses. - Deductive reasoning.
  6. _____ cannot be broken down chemically to other substances.
  7. A _____ contains two or more different elemts in a fixed ratio.
  8. An electrically neutral atom has equal numbers of electrons and protons; the numbers of protons determines the _____ _____.
    Atomic number
  9. The atomic mass is measured in ______ and is roughly equal to the sum of protons plus neutrons.
  10. _____ of an element differ from each other in neutron number and therefore mass.
  11. In an atom, electrons occupy specific _____ _____; the electrons in a shell have a characteristic energy level.
    Electron shells
  12. An atom that has an incomplete outer shell, the _____ ____, is reactive.
    Valence shell.
  13. Molecules consist of two or more ______ bonded atoms.
  14. The attractions of an atom for the electrons of a covalent bond is its ___________.
  15. If both atoms are the same, they have the same electronegativity and share a _____ _____ ____.
    Nonpolar covalent bond.
  16. An ____ forms when an atom or molecule gains or loses an electron and become charged.
  17. An ____ _____ is the attraction between two oppositely charged ions.
    Ionic bond
  18. A _____ _____ is an attraction between a hydrogen atom carrying a partial positive charge and an electronegative atom.
    Hydrogen bond.
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