The New Psychology

  1. Who showed that multi-tasking was not possible?
    Wilhelm Wundt
  2. What was the original title of physiological psychology?
    experimental psychology
  3. What is Cultural Psychology and what was it originally known as?
    it deals with the various stages of human mental development as manifested in language, art, myths, social customs, law, and morals. It was originally known as folk psychology
  4. What is Voluntarism?
    the idea that the mind has the capacity to organize mental contents into higher-level thought processes
  5. What is a mediate experience?
    provides information or knowledge about something other than the elements of an experience
  6. What is a immediate experience?
    it is unbiased or untainted by any personal interpretations. Noticing the elements of an object rather than the object itself
  7. What is Introspection?
    examination of one's own mind to inspect and report on personal thoughts or feelings
  8. How are sensations classified?
    by intensity, duration, and sense modality
  9. What is the second form of experience?
  10. What is apperception?
    the process by which mental elements are organized
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