Developments in Early Physiology

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  1. What is the theory of the specific energy of nerves and who was it theorized by?
    based on the stimulation of specific nerves from exterior sources correlating senses are activated, this was theorized by Johannes Muller
  2. What is extirpation and who came up with this method of brain mapping?
    A technique for determining the function of a given part of an animal's brain by removing or destroying it and observing the resulting behavior changes. Pierre Flourens came up with this method
  3. What is the study of phrenology and who created it?
    It is the process of mapping the brain through the shape of a person's skull, created by Franz Josef Gall
  4. Who discredited Gall's theory of Phrenology?
    Pierre Flourens
  5. Who suggested nerve impulses were electrical?
    Luigi Galvani
  6. Who discovered the direction of travel for nerve impulses (synapses)?
    Santiago Ramon and Cajal
  7. How was the knowledge of nerve impulses changed and by who?
    The impulses were originally assumed to be instantaneous but later demonstrated by Helmholtz to move at a measurable interval instead
  8. What is the Just Noticeable Difference?
    the smallest difference that can be detected between two physical stimuli
  9. What is psychophysics?
    the scientific study of the relations between mental and physical processes created by Fechner
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