Book 1.172 - 177 [end first section GH1]

  1. προσκεχωρηκασι (προσχωρεω)
    it has become like
  2. κεχωρισμενοισι (χωριζω)
    they are divided
  3. κατ᾽ἡλικιην
    according to age
  4. ἰλαδον (adv)
    in groups
  5. μετεπειτα (adv)
  6. ὡς σφι ἀπεδοξε
    when they resolved
  7. ἡβηδον (adv)
    of age
  8. τον ἠερα
    the air
  9. διενειχθεντων (διαφερω)
    Pass: quarreling
  10. των Εὐρωπης παιδων
    the children of Europa
  11. ἀνα χρονον
    in time
  12. ἑν ἰδιον
    one of his/their own
  13. συμφερονται (συμφερω)
    they share
  14. το πλησιον
    neighbour, one nearby
  15. ἀνανεμεεται (ἀνανεμω)
    he will recount
  16. νενομισται (νομιζω)
    it is customary, practised
  17. την παλλακην
    a female slave
  18. ἀργμενης (ἀρχω)
  19. περιρροου (ος  ον)
    surrounded by water
  20. ὁ κολπος
  21. ἀπεργει (ἐργνυμι)
    it is confined
  22. ὠρυσσον (ὠρυσσω)
    they were digging
  23. κατεστρεφετο (καταστρεφω)
    he was conquering
  24. θειοτερον (ος α ον)
    more godlike, excellent
  25. τιτρωσκεσθαι (τιτρωσκω)
    to wound
  26. θραυομενης (θραυω)
  27. ἀντιξοον (oς  ον)
    opposed to
  28. τῳ τονῳ
    measures, modes
  29. πυργουτε (πυργοω)
    build towers!
  30. του ὀρυγματος
    ditch, trench
  31. ἀμαχητι (adv)
    without a battle
  32. ἀνεπιτηδεον (ἀνεπιτήδειος  ον)
  33. ἀντεσχον χρονον Ἁρπαγῳ
    they held out for long against Harpagos
  34. πρηγματα παρεσχον πλειστα
    they provided most troubles
  35. τειχισαντες (τειχιζω)
    having built a wall
  36. ἐπεξιοντες (ἐπεξειμι)
    to go out against; to prosecute
  37. κατειληθεντες (κατειλεω)
    having been cooped up
  38. συνηλισαν (συναλιζω)
    they gathered together
  39. ὑπηψαν (ὑφάπτω)
    they set on fire from underneath
  40. καιεσθαι (καιω)
    to burn
  41. συνομοσαντες (συνόμνυμι)
    having sworn together
  42. των ἱστιεων
    hearths, households
  43. οἱ/αἱ ἐπηλυδες
  44. ἐμιμησαντο (μιμέομαι)
    they portrayed, imitated
  45. τα πλεω
    the most part
  46. παρησομεν (παρίημι)
    Ι shall leave at the wayside
  47. ἀξιαπηγητοτατα (ἀξιαφήγητος ον)
    worth telling
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Book 1.172 - 177 [end first section GH1]
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