Windows 7 Chapter 1

  1. If a thread is not finished running, perhaps because it had to wait or it was preempted, it is typically restarted on the same processor that previously ran it. This is known as ____ ____.
    processor affinity
  2. The ____ was introduced with Windows NT 4 and has been replaced with UDF as a preference for formatting removable
    media such as CDs and DVDs.
  3. The ____ ____ ____  (____) is a free tool provided by Microsoft to help IT administrators discover which of their existing applications
    are compatible with Windows 7.
    Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
  4. To add security and validity to WHQL tested solutions, Microsoft will include ____ ____ as part of a hardware's drivers.
    digital signatures
  5. The ____ ____ ____  (formerly code-named "Indigo") enables applications to send messages to each other.
    Windows Communication Foundation
  6. ____ ____ allows for applications to keep track of a user's security credentials (user ID and password) for one or more security systems.
    Windows CardSpace
  7. A single ____ in Windows represents a collection of data, files, and instructions with a specific purpose while it is running.
  8. The ____-____ file system uses a 32-bit numbering system to increase the number of data blocks that can be managed and
    organized as part of a single partition.
    FAT 32
  9. A software component that has ____ mode access has total access to all of the computer's data and its hardware.
  10. ____ ____ ____ is an advanced window management feature intended to help organize Individual windows on the screen.
    Snap and Shake
  11. Applications can track what network services are available using the ____ service as a central reference.
  12. ____ systems have more than one physical CPU.
  13. In Windows 7, a Gadget can be placed ____ ___ ____ ____.
    anywhere on the desktop
  14. Graphics cards with a dedicated ____ ____ ____ (____) allow Windows 7 to assign drawing operations directly to it, freeing the processor for other operations.
    Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)
  15. Windows 7 includes a ____ ____ ____ to add an input method beyond the keyboard and mouse.
    Speech Recognition System
  16. _____ is the time window a thread is allowed to run.
  17. The ____ is a third-party standard that defines how to store data on removable media such as DVDs.
  18. ____ ____ ____ adds the ability to securely encrypt the hard drive's contents at a hardware level.
    Bitlocker Drive Encryption
  19. ____ ____ ____ technology assumes that hardware components can be connected or activated at any time while the operating system is running.
    Plug And Play
  20. ____-____ CPUs have extra hardware built in to allow more than one thread to be processed at the same time on a single CPU.
    Hyper Threading
  21. A ____ is a collection of computers and users that are identified by a common security database.
  22. The ____ ____ ____(formerly code-named "Avalon") unifies the look and feel of the operating system for developers.
    Windows Presentation Foundation
  23. The ____ ____ ____is a programming model that allows developers to quickly build workflow-enabled applications.
    Windows Workflow Foundation
  24. ____ is a software client to support IPv4 to IPv6 translation.
  25. The use of 3D effects, animation, and new
    transparent visual features, called ____ ____, enhances the visually appealing look for Windows 7 and Windows applications.
    Aero Glass
  26. ____ gives the appearance that the computer is running multiple applications or processes at the same time.
  27. A ____ is a mini-application that will provide information, perform a useful task, or link to enhanced Web services such as RSS.
  28. ____ defines options for adding firmware and hardware to computers to detect low-level tampering before the operating system starts.
  29. ____ ____ ____ allows developers to build applications that follow a logical sequence of events.
    Windows Driver Foundation
  30. The ____ ____ ____ is software that lets the operating system use the graphics card hardware.
    Graphics Card Driver
  31. Images can be mounted to a folder in a(n) ____ partition for modification.
  32. When ImageX is combined with ____ ____ ___ (____), you can completely automate the deployment process to include partitioning and formatting hard drives.
    Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  33. An ____ installation requires you to manually start and perform the installation.
  34. If you do not specify an answer file, then Sysprep will search for ____ to use as an answer file.
  35. A(n) ____ ____installation requires computers to be booted into Windows PE from removable storage and then run the Windows 7 installation from a distribution share.
    distribution share
  36. The  ____ ____ ____ (NLA) service provider is vital for computers or devices that might move between different networks, and forselecting optimal configurations when more than one is available.
    Network Location Awareness
  37. The ____ ____ ____ (TPM) is a hardware security chip that provides a root of trust for a computer system.
    Trusted Platform Module
  38. Using ____ to manage the installation process can ensure consistency.
  39. True or False.
    When a computer has multiple network connections in Windows 7, all connections share the same active network location profile.
  40. True or False.
    For people who use a computer with reduced hardware specifications, the Windows 7 Home
    Premium edition is the preferred operating system.
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