Ch-4 TCC Biology

  1. For historical reasons, copunds cotaining carbon are said to be organic, and the branch of chemistry that specializes in the study of carbon compounds is called ____ _____
    Organic Chemistry
  2. organic molecules consisting of only carbon and hydrogen.
  3. Variation in the architecture of organic molecules can be seen in _____, compounds that have the same numbers of atoms of the same elements but different structures and hence different properties.
  4. In ___-____ (formerly called geometric isomers) carbons have covalent bonds tot he same atoms, but these atoms differ in their spatial arrangements due to the inflexibility of double bonds.
    cis-trans isomers
  5. ________ are isomers that are mirror images of each other and that differ in shape due to the presence of an asymmetric carbon, one that is attached to four different atoms or groups of atoms.
  6. In other cases, the chemical groups affect molecular function by being directly involved in chemical reactions; these important chemical groups are known as _____ _____.
    Functional Groups
  7. What does the term amino acid signify about  the structure of such a molecule?
    It has both an amino group (-NH2) which makes it an amine, and a carboxyl group (COOH) which makes it a carbocyclic acid
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