NeuroKinetic Therapy

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  1. Antagonist and synergist of coracobrachialis
    • Antagonist: humeral extensors and abductors
    • Synergist: Biceps, anterior deltoid, pec major and humeral adductors
  2. antagonist and synergist of teres minor
    Antagonist is subscapularis

    Synergist are posterior deltoid, triceps, infraspinatus, latissimus dorsi and wrist extensors
  3. antagonist and synergist of infraspinatus
    Antagonist: subscapularis

    Synergist: Posterior deltoid, triceps, teres minor, latissimus dorsi and wrist extensors
  4. antagonist and synergist of supraspinatus
    Antagonist: humeral adductors

    Synergist: Middle deltoid, wrist extensors and humeral abductors.
  5. Antagonist of subscapularis
    Infraspinatus, teres minor and lateral rotators of humerus
  6. Synergist of subscapularis
    Wrist flexors and medial rotators of humerus
  7. Antagonist to pec major Clavicular fibers
    Extensors, abductors, horizontal abductors and lateral rotators of the humerus
  8. Synergist of pec major clavicular fibers
    Flexors, adductors, horizontal adductors, and medial rotators of the humerus
  9. Antagonist of pec major sternal fibers
    Lower and middle traps, rhomboids, middle deltoids, posterior deltoid
  10. Synergist of pec major sternal fibers
    Opposite internal oblique, biceps, latissimus dorsi
  11. Antagonist of pec minor
    Retractors, elevators, an upward rotators of scaula
  12. Synergist of pec minor
    Opposite hip flexors protractors, depressors and downward rotators of scapula
  13. Antagonist of serratus anterior
    Rhomboids, middle traps, and downward rotators of scapula
  14. Synergist of Serratus anterior
    Upward rotators of scaula protractors of scapula
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