AP Euro Vocab List 2

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  1. Anachronistic
    belonging to a different time period
  2. Civility
    formal politeness
  3. Cogent
    logical and convincing
  4. Embryonic
    a rudimentary stage that can develop further
  5. Endeavor
    trying hard
  6. Hubris
    excessive pride or self-confidence
  7. Imperious
    assuming power without justification; arrogant
  8. Logistics
    detailed coordination of a complex operation
  9. Muting
    quiet, not pronounced, silent
  10. Optimistic
    hopeful and confident
  11. Partition
    separation, division
  12. Pessimistic
    seeing the worst in things; believing bad things will happen
  13. Precedent
    a previous event that can be an example for similar events in the future
  14. Prodigious
    remarkably impressive in size; unnatural
  15. Reimburse
  16. Reparation
    making amends by paying back; to repair
  17. Ruse
    a deceptive scheme
  18. Scenario
    a development of events; a setting
  19. Spin
    giving a particular interpretation
  20. Unscrupulous
    having no morals; not honest or fair
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