First Week of REL 110

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  1. The bible two articles
    • a. Old testament 
    •        -39 articles
    •        -"He will come"
    • b. New testament
    •        -63 articles
    •        - "He has come"
  2. Jesus Christ
    Theme/Heart/center of bible
  3. Jesus Christ- Our Savior
    • Was sent to be human, out of love and mercy
    • - Took our punishment
    • - Gave us life and salvation
  4. Bible
    • Without FACTUAL Error and contains all we know to external life
    • - God's OWN Word
  5. Holy spirit
    Gives us guidance
  6. Two main teaching
    Law and Gospel
  7. Christianity
    • God gives
    • "I through..."
  8. two types of sin
    • Original Sin 
    • Actual Sin
  9. Sin
    a.are all sinners for our Human Nature 

    b.For its every thought, desire word and deed against God's word
  10. Purpose of law
    • a. Curb- Control outburst and keeps order
    • b. mirror - Accuses and shows sins 
    • c. Guide- shows us what to do and not to do for "Good life"
  11. God threatens
    To make us fear so we do not go against
  12. Original Sin
    Corruption in human nature acquire by Adam and Eve.
  13. Original Sin has cause
    • a. guilt and condemnation to all
    • b. left us w/out true fear and love of god
    • c. Causes all to commit actual sin
  14. Actual Sin
    Every word, thought, desire and deed against god's word
  15. Law
    • a. teaches us what to do and not to do
    • b. Shows sins and wrath of God
    • c. Proclaim for ALL esp. sinners
    • d. Demands
  16. Gospel
    • a. teaches us what god has done and still does
    • b. Shows us our Savior and grace of god
    • c. proclaim by sinners
  17. Luther's 3 items
    • 1. Pray- Holy spirit 
    • 2. Meditate- God's Word 
    • 3. Temptation- Satan
  18. God gives his law in..
    • -conscience 
    • -Ten commandments
  19. Summary of god's law
    You  shall love your god with heart, soul, mind, and love thy neighbor like yourself
  20. God is..
    powerful, eternal, Almighty, all knowing (omniscent), present everywhere (omnipresent), holy (sinless and hating sin), just, faithful, good, merciful, gracious, love,
  21. Holy trinity
    • Distinct persons in one divine being
    • Father, son, and Holy Spirit (Holy 3x)
  22. Doctrine
  23. False teaching
    • a. Modalism 
    • b. Adoptionism
    • c. Subordinationsim
    • d. unitariansim
    • e. Islam
    • f. Mormonism
    • g. Atheist
    • h. Agnostism
  24. Modalism
    not three distinct persons but god takes on different roles in occasions
  25. Adoptionism
    Only father but he adopted Jesus so he could salvate the world, which he could not do
  26. Subordinationism
    • Jesus is not equal to the father, his creator. 
    • Jehova Witness
  27. Unitarianism
    Denies 3 teacher, just one as good
  28. Islam
    • Jesus and Mohammed a prophet, no holy spirit
    • ONLY one god
  29. Mormonism
    Holy spirit is a force from Jesus and Father. Jesus is oldest son
  30. Atheist
    No god (4%)
  31. Agnotist
    Unwilling/ unable to acknowledge or deny god (16%)
  32. Creed
    statement of belief
  33. Three Ecumenical (universe) Creed
    • 1. Athanasian 
    • 2. Nicene 
    • 3. Apostles- someone who is sent (divided to 12)
  34. Six days of creation
    • 1- Light                        
    • 2. water and heavens
    • 3. land and vegatation
    • 4- sun, moon and stars 
    • 5- fish and birds 
    • 6- animals and man
  35. Image of God
    • a. Adam and Eve knew as him as he wish
    • b. They were righteous (Holy)
    • c. With sin the image was lost
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