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  1. We can promote health from a community perspective in these 5 groups:
    • academia
    • governmental public health infrastructure
    • media
    • community
    • business
  2. Healthy People 2010
    2 major goals identified:
    • 1)eliminate disparities in health
    • 2)improve the quality of the years of a healthy life
  3. 3 associations between chronic oral infections and other oral health problems...
    • 1)diabetes
    • 2)heart disease
    • 3)adverse pregnancy outcomes (premies, low birth weight)
  4. Salivary components___and___oral tissues through anti-____components, buffering agents, and a process by which dental enamel can be re_____.
    • protect and maintain
    • anti-microbial
    • remineralized
  5. Microbial infections, caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi, are the primary cause of the most prevalent oral diseases including...(4)
    • 1)dental caries
    • 2)periodontal diseases
    • 3)herpes labialis
    • 4)candidiasis
  6. Name 5 parts of life that are affected by impaired oral and craniofacial health
    • 1)diet
    • 2)nutrition
    • 3)sleep
    • 4)psychologic status
    • 5)social interactions
    • 6)school
    • 7)work
  7. What oral and craniofacial diseases and conditions contribute to compromised abilities to bite, chew, and swallow foods?
    • 1)tooth loss
    • 2)diminished salivary functions
    • 3)orofacial pain conditions such as temporomandibular disorders
    • 4)alterations in taste
    • 5)functional limitations of prosthetic replacements
  8. orofacial pain=
    • diminished quality of life
    • 1)sleep deprivation
    • 2)depression
    • 3)many psychosocial outcomes
  9. What is the single most common chronic childhood disease?
    • dental caries
    • (5x more common than asthma and 7x more common than hay fever)
  10. edentulism
    tooth loss (partial-complete)
  11. Disparity exists between ____ about prevention of disease and preventive ____ taken.
    • knowledge
    • actions
  12. Health promotion succeeds when the appropriate ___ is matched to the practice ____
    • theory
    • strategy
  13. Theories are designed to reach people at the ____, _____, or ____ level.
    • individual
    • community
    • system
  14. Individuals must have confidence in their ability to take action=
  15. TRA
    Theory of Reasoned Action
  16. TPB
    Theory of Planned Behavior
  17. TRA proposes an individual's___toward performing the behavior and the____norm determine____.
    • attitude
    • subjective
    • intention
  18. Attitude consists of a person's ___ that a behavior leads to certain____. Also to his or her evaluations of the results.
    • belief
    • results
  19. What is determined by an individual's  belief that specific people or groups think they should perform the behavior and their motivation to comply with these groups.
    subjective norm
  20. HBM
    Health Behavioral Model
  21. Behavioral intent is also determined by____.
    perceived behavioral control
  22. What influences perceived behavioral control?
    the person's belief that they have the opportunity, knowledge, skill, and resources to perform the behavior
  23. the person's belief that they have the opportunity, knowledge, skill, and resources to perform the behavior is what influences a person's____
    perceived behavioral control
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