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  1. What type of supervision is it when a dentist must be present in the facility while a dental hygienist performs procedures?
  2. Under___supervision, a dentist has authorized a dental hygienist to perform procedures and does not need to be present in the treatment facility during the performance of those procedures.
    general supervision
  3. In an___practice, the dental hygienist owns a dental hygiene practice in this business arrangement--a recognized incorporated or unincorporated business structure that can be bought and sold.
    independent practice
  4. The state of New Mexico defines this practice as "the science and prevention of oral disease through the provision of educational, assessment, preventive, clinical, and other specified therapeutic services in a cooperative working relationship with a consulting dentist without general supervision."
    collaborative practice
  5. With this tax status, the dental hygienist does not maintain an employee relationship with a dentist for whose patients the hygienist provides services. As a nonemployee, the hygienist pays their own withholding taxes and SS taxes, and the dentist does not pay worker's comp or unemployment insurance.
    independent contracting
  6. ADHA
    American Dental Hygienists' Association
  7. SADHA
    Student American Dental Hygienists' Association
  8. ADEA
    American Dental Education Association
  9. CDHA
    Canadian Dental Hygienists' Association
  10. AADR
    American Association for Dental Research
  11. IADR
    International Association for Dental Research
  12. AAPHD
    American Association of Public Health Dentistry
  13. APHA
    American Public Health Association
  14. NDHA
    National Dental Hygienists' Association
  15. HDA
    Hispanic Dental Association
  16. HIPAA
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  17. ____is the process of removing deposits
  18. Name 2 descriptive terms for instrumentation strokes...
    • scaling
    • root planing
  19. Research indicates that lowering the amount of depostits is NOT the key to treatment success. What is the key?
    reduce the bacterial load through deposit REMOVAL to a level at which the individual's immune system can manage the infection and therby improve periodontal health
  20. ADA
    American Dental Association
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