Art History Chapter 5,10,11,12

  1. Mosaic?
    Glass/squared painting
  2. Kore
    Greek, “young woman.” An Archaic Greek statue of a young woman.
  3. What is a kouros
    —Greek, “young man.” An Archaic Greek statue of a young man
  4. Caryatids
    A female figure that functions as a supporting column
  5. Pediment
    In classical architecture, the triangular space (gable) at the end of a building, formed by the ends of the sloping roof above the colonnade;
  6. Frieze
    —The part of the entablature between the architrave and the cornice; also, any sculptured or painted band in a building
  7. Acropolis{high city}
    “high city.” In ancient Greece, usually the site of the city’s most important temple
  8. Parthenon
    virgin.” The epithet of Athena, the virgin goddess.
  9. Amphitheater
    —Greek, “double theater.” A Roman building type resembling two Greek theaters put together. The Roman amphitheater featured a continuous ellipticalcavea around a central arena.
  10. Forum
    The public square of an ancient Roman city
  11. Oculus
    Latin, “eye.” The round central opening of a dome
  12. Rotunda
    The circular area under a dome; also a domed round building.
  13. Triumphant arches
    In Roman architecture, a free-standing arch commemorating an important event, such as a military victory or the opening of a new road
  14. Aqueducts
    An architectural design in which the columns or pilasters are two or more stories tall. Also called a giant order.
  15. sibyl
    A Greco-Roman mythological prophetess
  16. equestrian monument
    figure of someone riding on a horse
  17. Trajan's Coloumn
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  18. Catacombs
    Passage ways underground for relig, practice
  19. Sarcophagus
    “consumer of flesh.” A coffin, usually of stone.
  20. Codex
    1st books after scrolls/a painted and inscribed book on long sheets of bark paper or deerskin coated with fine white plaster and folded into accordion-like pleats.
  21. minarets
    a tower from which the faithful are called to worship
  22. iconoclas
    The destroyers of images were known as iconoclasts.
  23. altarpieces
    A panel, painted or sculpted, situated above and behind an altar.
  24. diptych
    A two-paneled painting or altarpiece
  25. Triptych
    A three-paneled painting, ivory plaque, or altarpiece
  26. Polyptych
    An altarpiece composed of more than three sections.
  27. Kouros
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Art History Chapter 5,10,11,12
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