1. How is the Future Active Indicative verb formed?
    Future active tense stem + tense formative (sigma) + Connecting Vowel + Primary Active personal Endings.
  2. What is the “tense formative” in the Future Active Indicative?
    Sigma – it is called a tense formative because it helps form the future tense.
  3. What is the connecting vowel for the future for the Future Active Indicative?
    -It’s the same as the present – omicron before no ending, mu, or nu. Epsilon before everything else.
  4. What type of personal endings is used in the Future Active Indicative?
    Primary Active endings – the same as the present active. They also contract with the connecting vowels as they do in the present.
  5. Paradigm for Future Active Indicative.
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  6. What happens to contract verbs in the future active indicative?
    • The contract vowel lengthens before a tense formative. Alpha and epsilon lengthen to eta. Omicron lengthens to omega.
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  7. How does the tense formative (sigma) of the future active indicative interact with the square of stops?
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  8. What are the components of the future middle indicative?
    Future Active tense stem + tense formative (sigma) + connecting vowel + primary passive personal endings.
  9. Paradigm: Future Middle Indicative
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  10. Because a verb is deponent in the present does not mean that it will be deponent in the future. How can you tell if a verb is deponent in the Future?
    Look up the verb in the lexicon, if the second form listed ends in –omai, then it is deponent in the future.
  11. Paradigm - Future of Eimi
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  12. Master Verb Chart #3
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