exam1 rad chapters 1&2

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  1. who discovered x-rays and what year?
    Wihelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895
  2. reciprocity
    the education and credential issed in one state is approved in another state
  3. bone densitometry is
    a specialized x-ray machine and procedure that measures bone mineral content
  4. primary radiation
    the radiation that leaves the x-ray tube. not processed can't see the image
  5. radiation field
    the squared area of the x-ray beam that strikes the patient and x-ray table is radiation field
  6. central ray
    an imaginary line in the center of the x-ray beam and perpendicular to the long axis of the x-ray tube is central ray
  7. image receptor (IR)
    during a radiographic exposure x-rays from the tube are directed through the patient to the image receptor. receives the energy of the x-ray beam and forms the image of the body part
  8. remnant radiation
    the radiation that exits the patient on the opposite side
  9. latent image
    unseen image contained within the plate phosphor
  10. attenuation is
    absorption of the x-rays by matter
  11. the primary source of scatter is
    the patient
  12. scattered radaition
    primary beam x-rays that leave the body and travel in all directions. scatter radiation exits the patient in all directions or 360 degress
  13. what is the differnce in energy between the primary-beam radiation and the scattered radiation?
    scattered radiation has less energy
  14. the unwanted radiation exposure on the x-ray image caused by scatter radiation is called
    scatter radiation fog
  15. x-rays exit the tube port through an opening called the
    tube port
  16. tube housing
    the x-ray tube is surrounded by a lead-lined device
  17. computed radiography (CR)
    filmless x-ray system that uses a digtial format to produce images
  18. the x-ray room has an area that protect the limited operator form scatter radiation and is called the
    control booth
  19. the mechanism on the x-ray tube crane that provides stops and locks it into place is called the
  20. visible image
    processing will covert the latent image into a visible image called manifest
  21. grid and bucky
    the device that protects the IR image receptor from being fogged by scatter radiation. movable device under the x-ray table thats contains a grid and holds the IR. grid reduces scatter
  22. collimator
    box-like  device that allows the limited operator to vary the size of the radiation field. X-Ray field
  23. how can you determine the location of the central ray?
    turn on the collimator light. the crosshair in the center of the illuminated radiation field indicates the location of the central ray
  24. what is the location of remnant radaition
    between the patient and the IR on the side of the patient opposite that of the x-ray tube
  25. what should you do before attempting to move the x-ray equipment
    release the appopriate lock(s)
  26. where would you look to find the x-ray tube housing
    on the underside of the x-ray tubehousing
  27. how might you determine the size of the radiation field without actually measuring it
    by reading the scale on the face of the collimator
  28. many x-ray projections are done with the patient standing or sitting upright using what device?
    upright cassette holder
  29. longitudinal (tube motion)
    along the long axis of the table
  30. transverse (tube motion)
    across the table at right angles to longitudinal
  31. vertical (tube motion)
    up and down increasing or decreasing the distance between the tube and the table
  32. rotational (tube motion)
    allows the entire tube stand to turn on its axis
  33. angular (tube motion)
    tilt, roll permits angulation of the tube allows the tube to aimed at the wall
  34. trendelenburg position
    head end to be lower than the feet 15 degrees
  35. transformers
    produce high voltage and low milliamperage for x-ray production
  36. x-rays travel
    in straight line and do not turn corners or bind
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