Pharmacology 4

  1. What is the circulators role in medication circulation?
    • Obtain correct medication
    • Deliver medication to the sterile field using aseptic technique
    • Document all medications used from sterile field
  2. What is the scrubs role in medication administration?
    • Identify medication
    • Accept medication into the sterile field
    • Label medication immediately
    • Pass the medication to surgeon as requested
  3. What are the "Six Rights" of medication administration?
    • Right Drug
    • Right Dose
    • Right Route
    • Right Patient
    • Right Time
    • Right Documentation
  4. What is a hypersensitivity?
    Body reacts with an exaggerated immune system response
  5. What is asepsis?
    The state of being free if pathogenic organisms
  6. What is carpule?
    A capsule-like vessel containing the local anesthetic solution that is inserted into the syringe in preparation for an injection.
  7. What is diluent?
    A substance used to dilute another substance
  8. What are the steps for medication identification?
    • Circulator reads label
    • Circulator reads label aloud to scrub
    • Circulator shows label to scrub
    • Scrub states medication information aloud
    • Scrub accepts medication
    • Scrub labels medication container immediately
  9. What sized syringes are used in surgery?
    1mL - 60mL
  10. What are the 3 parts of a syringe?
    • barrel
    • plunger
    • tip
  11. What are the 2 types of syringes?
    • Luer-Loc - needle screws on/used in surgery
    • Plain-tip/Slip-tip - used for IV's and in certain specialty situations
  12. What are 1mL and 3mL syringes used for in surgery?
    Inflation of ballon on embolectomy catheter
  13. What is a 5mL syringe used for in surgery?
    Inflate balloon on Foley catheter
  14. What is the commonly used syringe in surgery?
    • 10mL
    • Used for inflating cuff on tracheotomy tube
    • Injection of local anesthetic
  15. What are 30mL syringes used for in surgery?
    • Inject saline irrigation and contrast media into the common bile duct
    • Inflate 30mL balloon on a foley catheter
    • Administer heparinized saline into an arterial irrigation catheter
  16. What are the 3 parts of a hypodermic needle?
    • Hub - fits onto the syringe
    • Shaft
    • Tip - beveled end of the shaft
  17. What is a lumen?
    The hollow space inside the needle
  18. What is an 18-gauge needle used for in surgery?
    Draw up medication
  19. What is the most common needle length in surgery?
    1 1/2 inches
  20. What sized needles are used in surgery?
    27-gauge - 18 gauge
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