6th grade religion - chapter 1 test

  1. Reveal means what?
    to make known
  2. ______________ _______________ is God's making himself known to us.
    Divine Revelation
  3. God made it clear he wanted to have a ___________________ relationship with ___________ people - not just the people he spoke to individually.
    • loving
    • ALL
  4. God made himself known _______________.
  5. Revelation made it possible for human beings to know _____________ more deeply and respond to him in a way that was otherwise not possible.
  6. How did God reveal himself to us?
    through his mighty deeds and his interactions with his people throughout time
  7. God's revelation of himself began with the creation of the first ______________ beings and continued through their offspring.
  8. God's revelation is full and complete in his only _____________, _____________ ______________.
    son, Jesus Christ
  9. Jesus Christ is the only son of God who became _____________.
  10. God the _____________, God the ___________, and God the ____________ _____________ are the Blessed Trinity.  All three help us to know God better.
    Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  11. The Holy Spirit guides the ______________ to understand God's Revelation and to apply it in our lives.
  12. God's revelation of himself is handed down through the _______________ and ________________.  The events and the recollections that people had of God were passed on from generation to generation.
    Bible and Tradition
  13. The Bible is also called what?
    Sacred Scripture or simply Scripture
  14. The _______________ is the written record of God's Revelation and his relationship with his people.
  15. The Bible is a book of ____________ and is unlike any other book.
  16. The bible has both a Divine author, God, and many human authors.  

  17. Human authors of the Bible were guided by the ______________ _________________.
    Holy Spirit
  18. ________________ ______________ is the special guidance that the Holy Spirit gave the human writers of the Bible.
    Divine Inspiration
  19. The shortest book of the Bible is __________, with only 13 verses.

    The longest book of the Bible is ____________, with 150 psalms.
    • shortest - 2nd letter of John
    • longest - Book of Psalms
  20. Saint Jerome facts
    • monk
    • translated the Bible into Latin
    • his feast day is Sept 30
    • studied the Old Testament and Hebrew language
    • lived and fasted in the desert
  21. What is exegesis?
    the interpretation, explanation or exposition of Scripture
  22. The __________________ is the living, teaching office of the Church.  The Pope is the head.
  23. We learn about God's relationship with the people of Israel in the ___________ Testament.
  24. How has God revealed himself to us?
    He sent his only son Jesus to save us and teach us to live as God wants us to live.  Jesus saved us so we can live with God eternally.  God also revealed himself to us through the Bible and the Church.
  25. We can know God through his ________________ also.  It allows us to get to know God's knowledge, wisdom, and generosity, kindness, etc.  It helps us to believe in him.
    creation - space, flowers, animals, life, etc.
  26. The ability to _______________ or think is a gift that all human beings have and it allows us to draw conclusions about God.
  27. The universe has a maker.  We believe that the maker, or Creator, of the universe is _____________.
  28. The Bible is the ____________ of ______________.  We treat the Bible with reverence and respect.
    word of God
  29. _______________ is the Revelation of the Good News of Jesus Christ as lived out in the Church, past and present.
  30. Tradition includes what?
    • teachings
    • practices
    • creeds
    • statements
    • Church worship
  31. The message of Scripture and Tradition have been handed down by the Apostles, bishops, and the Pope as their head.  

  32. In Jesus' name and with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Magisterium interprets both _____________ and _____________.
    Scripture and Tradition
  33. One Holy (universe) Catholic Apostolic Church

    The marks of the Church
  34. Bible means _____________.
  35. The Bible is a collection of ___________.
  36. The Bible is not just one book, but a small library of _____________, or holy books.
  37. Through different literary forms, each book of the Bible helps us learn about God.  What is a literary form?
    a type of writing used to get a message across
  38. Types of literary forms in the Bible:
    • folktales
    • novels
    • short stories
    • codes of law
    • letters
    • prophecy
    • visions
    • poetry
    • hymns
  39. There are _________ books in the Bible and the Bible is divided into two parts - ________________ and _______________.
    • 73
    • Old Testament
    • New Testament
  40. The Old Testament has ___________ books.  They were originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek.
  41. How many years did it take to write the Old Testament?
    almost 1000 years
  42. How many years did it take to write the New Testament?
    60-70 years
  43. The New Testament contains ______________ books originally written in Greek.
  44. The New Testament covers the story of Jesus, his mission, his first followers, and the beginning of the Church.

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6th grade religion - chapter 1 test
6th grade religion - chapter 1 test