Anthropology Ch. 11 Vocabulary

  1. cultural construction of gender
    The idea that the characteristics a people attribute to males and females are highly culturally, not biologically determined
  2. gender (sex) roles
    The rights and duties individuals have because of their percieved identities as males, females, or another gender category.
  3. gender crossing
    Custom by which a person of one sex is allowed to adopt the roles and behaviour of the opposite sex, with little or no stigma or punishment.
  4. gender stratification
    The degree to which males and females are uunequal in dimensions such as status, power or influence, access to valued resources, eligibility for social positions, and ability to make decisions about their own lives.
  5. multiple gender identities
    Definitions of sexual identities beyond the female and male duality, including third and fourth genders such as man-woman or woman-man.
  6. sexual dimorphism
    Physical differences based on genetic differences between females and males.
  7. sexual (gendered) division of labor
    The kinds of productive activities (tasks) that are assigned to women versus men in a culture.
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Anthropology Ch. 11 Vocabulary
Anthropology Ch. 11 Vocabulary