Anthropology Ch.9 Vocabulary

  1. bilateral kinship
    Kindship system in which individuals trace their kinship relationships equally through both parents
  2. clans
    A named unilineal descent group, some of whose members are unable to trace how they are related, but who still believe themselves to be kinfolk.
  3. cognatic descent
    Form of descent in which relationships may be traced through both females and males
  4. cognatic descent group
    A group of relatives created by tracing relationships throuhg both females and males.
  5. cultural construction of kinship
    The idea that the kinship relationships a given people recognize do not perfectly reflect biological relationships; reflected in the kinship terminology.
  6. descent groups
    A group whose members believe themselves to be descended from a common ancestor.
  7. Eskimo terminology
    Kinship terminology system in which no nuclear family kin term is extended to more distant relatives; nuclear familiy members have unique terms.
  8. form of descent
    How a people trace their descent from previous generations.
  9. Hawaiian terminology
    Kin terminology system in which only sex and generation are relevant in defining labeled categories of relatives.
  10. Iroquois terminology
    Kinship terminology system in which Ego calls parallel cousins the same term as siblings, calls father's brother the same as father, calls mother's sister the same as mother and uses unique terms for the children of father's sister and mother's brother.
  11. kindred
    All the bilateral relatives of an individual.
  12. kin terms
    The words (labels) that an individual uses to refer to his or her relatives of various kinds.
  13. kinship terminology
    The logically consistent system by which people classify their relatices into labeled categories, or into "kinds of relatives"
  14. lineage
    A unilineal descent group larger than an extended family whose members can actually trace how they are related.
  15. matrilineal descent
    Form of decent in which individuals trace their primary kinship relationships through their mothers
  16. nonunilineal descent
    Form of descent in which individuals do not regularly associate with either matrilineal or patrilineal relatices, but make choices about whom to live with, whose land to use and so forth.
  17. Omaha terminology
    Kinship terminology system associated with patrilineal descent in which Ego's mother's relatives are distinguished only by their sex.
  18. patrilineal descent
    Form of descent in which individuals trace their most important kinship relationships through their fathers.
  19. unilineal descent
    Descent through the "one line", including patrilineal and matrilineal descent.
  20. unilineal descent group
    A group of relatives, all of whom are related through only one sex.
  21. unilineally extended families
    Family grouping formed by tracing kinship relationships through only one sex, etiher female or male, but not both.
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Anthropology Ch.9 Vocabulary
Anthropology Ch.9 Vocabulary