Pharm Test 3

  1. For in-house prescription orders, do the following things:
    • 1. Make sure it's the correct pt
    • 2. Make sure name, strength, dose, route, frequency of med & date are correct
    • 3. Include duration or "will be continued until order given to stop"
    • 4. Sign (may be electronic)
  2. Need the following information for an outpatient Rx:
    • 1. Prescriber info (name, professional degree, address, office telephone #)
    • 2. Pt info (name, secondary ID such as DOB or address)
    • 3. Refill information
    • 4. Prescriber's signature
    • 5. State license #, DEA for controlled substances, National provider identifier (NPI)
    • 6. Medication info (name, strength, quantity, dose, directions for us or sig)
  3. Define these common & usable abbreviations:
    1. AC
    2. PC
    3. BID
    4. TID
    5. QID
    6. au
    7. ad
    8. as
    9. ou
    10. od
    11. os
    12. hs
    13. PRN
    14. Gtt(s)
    15. UD
    16. PO
    • 1. Before meals
    • 2. After meals
    • 3. Twice a day
    • 4. Three times a day
    • 5. Four times a day
    • 6. Both ears
    • 7. Right ear
    • 8. Left ear
    • 9. Both eyes
    • 10. Right eye
    • 11. Left eye
    • 12. Bedtime
    • 13. As needed
    • 14. Drop(s)
    • 15. As directed
    • 16. By mouth, orally
  4. Either spell out microgram or write __.
  5. Write this instead of "cc" on a Rx.
  6. Spell out these 5 abbreviations:
    • d/c
    • QD
    • QOD
    • U
    • IU
  7. Avoid this herbal supplement that used to be used for menopausal symptoms b/c it can cause hepatotoxicity.
    Black Cohosh
  8. Avoid this herbal medication because it can cause CNS & CVS toxicity. It used to be used as a stimulant and diet aid.
  9. Avoid this herbal medication because even though it was thought to be useful for anxiety, it can cause hepatotoxicity.
  10. This botanical substance is thought to be useful in immune modulation & to have anti-inflammatory effects. It is often used during a URI to abort or decrease the duration of the cold.
  11. This botanical substance has a possible anti-cancer effect, but can cause body odor.
  12. This botanical substance works for PVD, but should not be used with aspirin or anticoagulants b/c it may have antiplatelet properties.
  13. This botanical substance may prevent colds, it seems to decrease glucose, but it causes irritability, sleeplessness, & mania so it should be avoided if pt is on psych meds.
  14. This botanical substance is better than placebo for mild to moderate depression, but can cause photosensitization, & may interfere with many drugs.
    St John's Wort
  15. This botanical substance is more effective than placebo for mild to moderate BPH & doesn't interfere w/ PSA.
    Saw Palmetto
  16. This nutritional substance works in chronic stable angina and may decrease BP, but causes GI upset and may decrease the effectiveness of warfarin.
    Coenzyme Q10
  17. This nutritional supplement may help with knee pain from osteoarthritis.
  18. This nutritional supplement may help with jet lag but interferes with ovulation, sperm quality & breast lactation.
  19. This is the drug of choice for treatment of osteoporosis.
    Bisphosphonates (-dronate)
  20. These drugs prevent spine & hip fractures, but can cause AVN of the jaw. It shouldn't be used in pts with esophageal motility disorders, PUD or renal dysfunction, and GI irritation is decreased if taken w/ a full glass of water on an empty stomach & remaining upright for 30 minutes.
    Bisphosphonates (-dronate)
  21. This drug is the only anabolic therapy for osteoporosis. It builds bone, but can cause hypercalcemia. It shouldn't be used if pt is at risk for osteosarcoma (Paget's, unexplained increase in alk phos, pediatric, or h/o XRT to bones), hypercalcemia, metastatic or skeletal CA.
    PTH (Teriperatide)
  22. This drug is useful in osteoporosis if h/o of osteoporotic fx, multiple risk factors for fx, very low bone density (t score <3.50), or failed or intolerant of Bisphosphonates. It can only be given for 2 years b/c of unknown risk of bone CA.
    PTH (Teriparatide)
  23. This drug is rarely recommended for osteoporosis b/c risks outweigh benefits, but it helps prevent loss of bone.
  24. This osteoporosis drug can also prevent breast CA, but it causes hot flashes, clots, & possibly CVS SEs.
    SERM (Raloxifene)
  25. This drug for osteoporosis decreases vertebral fractures, but has no effect on hip density or fractures. It causes a release of endorphins so it provides some pain relief.
    Calcitonin (Miacalcin)
  26. This type of Vitamin D is preferred for osteoporosis b/c it has been shown to decrease fractures and increase bone mass in several studies.
    1,25 hydroxyvitamin D3 (Calcitriol AKA Rocaltrol)
  27. This drug may increase bone density, but there's also a questionable effect on fractures. It makes new bone, but not normal bone.
  28. This drug is not approved in the US, but it builds bone impressively in pts using it in Europe.
  29. Body can't absorb more than this much Calcium in a dose.
  30. Treat Paget's disease with doses of this drug higher than given for osteoporosis.
    Bisphosphonates (-dronate)
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