Week 2 spelling/vocab

  1. adverse
    unfavorable, negative, hostile, working against

    Some people suffer an ___________ reaction if they eat peanut butter or anything with peanuts.
  2. arid
    extremely dry, dull, uninteresting

    Although California leads the nation in farming, crops won't grow in its most _______________ regions.
  3. assailant
    a person who attacks violently with blows or words

    The jogger was injured by an unknown ____________ who left him immobile at the side of the road.
  4. billow
    a large wave, to rise or swell like a wave

    The ocean ____________ rose and fell, attracting the most daring surfers.

    Fans cheered enthusiastically when they saw their team's flags _________________ over the stadium.
  5. confront
    to meet face-to-face, especially as a challenge, come to grips with

    In court, defendants can _______________ their accusers in a controlled setting.
  6. constrain
    to force, compel, to restrain or hold back

    You can't ____________ me against my will.
  7. manipulate
    to handle or use skillfully, to manage or control for personal gain or advantage

    Scientists should not ______________ data.
  8. maximum
    the greatest possible amount or degree

    This postage scale can weigh a _______________ of only five pounds.
  9. mimic
    a person who does imitations, to imitate, to make fun of

    Troy can _____________ mimic any accent he hears.
  10. ruffle
    to wrinkle, make uneven, to annoy, upset, material used for trimming edges, a ripple, a low drumbeat

    His wisecracks always _______________ my feelings.

    My favorite pillow has a velvet ________________.
  11. serene
    peaceful, calm, free of emotional upset, clear and free of storm, majestic, grand

    She stayed _______________ in the face of chaos.
  12. sheepish
    embarrassed, resembling a sheep in meekness, timid

    His ______________ grin made the crowds cheer all the more for his unlikely victory.
  13. stamina
    the strength needed to keep going or overcome physical or mental strain; staying power

    Marathon runners need a great deal of ______________ to cover the many miles.
  14. contemporary
    belonging to the same period of time as oneself, a person of the same time

    His novel used a ________________ style but had a historical setting.

    Rather than ask parents for help, teens often turn to a ______________ for advice.
  15. depict
    to portray, to represent or show in the form of a picture

    The painter chose to _______________ a plain prairie landscape using bold colors and shadows.
  16. disinterested
    fair-minded, free from selfish motives, indifferent

    A judge must remain ______________ in order to render an evenhanded and logical decision.
  17. encompass
    to encircle, go or reach around, to enclose, to include with a certain group

    Oceans ________________ about 3/4s of the surface of our plant.
  18. groundless
    without any good reason or cause, unjustified

    Kate's ______________ fear of hurting herself during exercise has left her weak and out of shape.
  19. hypocrite
    a person who pretends to be what he or she is not or better than he or she really is; a two-faced person

    The speaker who said one thing but did something else entirely was regarded as a ___________________.
  20. incomprehensible
    impossible to understand

    Our school's intercom system is so old that this morning's announcements were almost ______________________.
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Week 2 spelling/vocab
Week 2 spelling/vocab