Unit 37_decisions

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  1. wait until the next day before you decide
    sleep on it
  2. think abouth the advantages and disadvantages
    weight up pros and cons
  3. ask your family or friends about their opinion
    run it by someone
  4. think about what you will do in the future
    plan ahead
  5. think about what might happen in the future
    think ahead
  6. think carefully about something before making a decision
    think it over
  7. think carefully about the risks and consider the possible consequences
    think through {the possible risks}
  8. consider something when making plans
    allow for something
  9. manage to live without something OR prefer to avoid doing or receiving something (i.e., quite the same but ironically)
    do without
  10. expect something to happen and prepare for it
    bargain for
  11. suddenly decide not to do something because you're frightened
    chicken out
  12. have arrangements to do something
    have something on
  13. be opposed to
    be set against
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