Rules & Regs.txt

  1. Division II comprises:
    7,8,9 and 12
  2. Division one comprises:
    1,3,4,6 and 11
  3. Notified within ..... hours in writing, notice regarding Deputy's suspension up to ..... days.
    - 24hrs.

    - 5 days
  4. Within ...hrs of suspension member will be given a written notice of suspension.
    24 hrs.
  5. Uniform regs: ..... shall be worn when conducting a in-service building inspection.
    Uniform dress shirts
  6. Uniform Regs: the Device must be at the front, the top being ...... below the top of the cap.
    One quarter of an inch below
  7. Uniform ranks: between ..... and ....., members are not required to wear Sack coats for black ties.
    May 1 and October 1
  8. Notified in writing at least .... hours prior to hearing on charges
    72 hrs.
  9. Each Sunday, burst hose jackets shall be submerged in a pail of water from ....The pail shall be located on the floor near the rear of the apparatus.
    0900 to 1600
  10. Units (water heaters, or other heaters) shall be blown down ..... Boiler rooms and basements shall be inspected .....
    • -Weekly
    • -daily
  11. Whenever a Deputy Fire Chief goes off duty on account of injury, sickness, vacation, etc., he shall notify ..... Immediately.
    The chief of operations
  12. Whenever a District Fire Chief goes off for injury, sickness, vacation, etc., he shall notify ....., who will notify the chief of operations.
    Deputy Fire Chief
  13. Death leave is .....calendar days of absence.
    Five calendar days
  14. All injuries, no matter how trivial, received in the line of duty, such notice shall be given within ..... hours.
    72 hours
  15. Deputies and district chiefs cars
    shall be ..... while in quarters.
  16. A notice issued by an authoritative department source for guidance and info is a ..........
  17. Phase ..... in the EAP program will have one visit per week to the EAP.
    phase 2
  18. Officers who sign charges shall ..... at the disciplinary hearing for charges.

    hearings for charges.
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