South Pacific 7

  1. (Some Enchanted Evening 2nd)
    ACT 2 SCENE 11-Page 122.
    Oh, Miss MacGregor, you don’t get airsick do you? I was thinking, if you got three bucks handy, you might be able to use this little package I got here. Nurse Macgregor: Oh that stuff’s no good, we gave that up months ago. Billis: (to Stewport) That’s a female jerk! (Brackett and Harbison entre)
    Billis: I beg your pardon, sir…could I speak to you for a moment?
    • (peering through the semidarkness)
    • Who’s that?
  2. Billis: Billis sir…Luther Billis.
    • What do you want Billis?
    • We’re moving out pretty soon.
  3. Billis: Yes sir, I know. I’d like to do something for Miss Forbush, sir. Stewport and tha Professor and me was wondring if anyting is being done about rescuing the Frenchman off that island. We hearby volunteer for such a project –a triple diversionaty activity, like I done to get’em on there. You could drop us in three rubber boats on the three different sides od the island- confuse the hell of the Jap. Get the picture?
    It’s very fine of you Billis.. But you’re too late for diversionary activity. That started this morning before the sun came up. (Music starts) Operation Alligator is under way. Landings were made on 14 Japanese –held islands.
  4. Billis: I think that’s unfair sir. The first thing they should have done was try and rescue that Frenchman.
    Harbison: And the Admiral agrees with you Billis. Marie Louse was the first island they hit.
    Billis: Did they get him? Is he alive?
    • We don’t know. Lt Buzz Adams flew up there to fine out. He hasn’t come back. But if the Frenchman’s dead,
    • it is unfair.
    • It’s too dammed bad if a part of this huge operation couldn’t have save one of the two guys who made it all possible.
  5. Harbison: look at the beach-far as you can see-men waiting to board ships. The whole picture of the South
    Pacific has changed. We’re going the other way. Shore Patrolman: Captain Brackett sir-the launch is ready to take you to your ship.
    Billis: You got a ship sir?
    • Yes! Both Harbison and I have a ship.
    • I’m no-longer a lousy island commander.
    • Come on Bill.
  6. Billis: Good-bye Commander Harbison.
    Harbison: Good-bye Billis. Oh by the way. I never did got you in the brig-did I?
    Bills: No ha-ha.
    Harbison: Oh, I forgot!
    Billis: Forgot what sir?
    Harbison: Your unit’ll be on my ship. I’ll be seeing all of you. Get the picture?

    • Come on Bill.
    • (They excite)
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