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  1. code 1
    normal routine call. respond by observing all applicable traffic and speed limit laws. do not use emergency lights
  2. code 2
    urgernt- a call requiring an immediate response to a non life threatening emergency. respond by observing all aplicable traffic laws, except the posted speed limit, which may be exceeded in a safe and reasonable manner but no more than 15 mph over the speed limit. use emergency lights only; no sirens
  3. code 3
    emergency. a call requiring immediate response to a life threatening emergency or in response to an emergency involving air force protection level resources. use of emergency lights and siren is mandatory. if the emergency lights or siren place security forces victims or bystanders in peril,turn them off a safe distance from the scene.  exceeding he speed limit by 15 mph is authorized
  4. code 4
    request / reply wants and warrants. used to obtain a want and warrants check on a specific information such as name, SSAN, date of birth or complete vehicle description and license plate number the BDOC replies with the corresponding code after information is received
  5. code 4 status 1
    felony wanted (await for backup/ use extreme caution
  6. code 4 status 2
    misdemeanor wanted
  7. code 4 status 3
    protection order
  8. Code 4 status 4
    runaway / juvenile detain
  9. code 5
    traffic stop
  10. code 6
    latrine break
  11. code 7
    meal break
  12. code 8
    suspect in custody
  13. code 8a
    suspect in custody opp sex
  14. code 9
    change frequency
  15. code 10
    all secure
  16. code 11
  17. Code 11a
    suspicious package
  18. code 12
  19. code 13
    immediate assistance required
  20. code 14
    hostage situation
  21. code 15
    alarm activation
  22. code 16
    domestic disturbance
  23. code 1920
    possible DWI
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