South Pacific 6

  1. Scene 7/8 (Group of pilots around the radio) Pilot: Listen carefully.
    Emile’s Voice;
    Ceiling today unlimited> 33 fighters-Zeros have moved in from Bougainville.Their course is approximately 23 degrees. Undoubtedly, heavy bombers will follow. Pilot: Got it.
    Another Pilot: Well, gentlemen. Here’s the hot tip of the day. Jo and the Frenchman have sighted 20 surface craft heading southwest from Vella Levella. Christmas is just two weeks away. Let’s give those two characters a present, a beautiful view of no ships coming back. Third Pilot: Okay with me. Let’s go! (light fades)
  2. SCENE 8- Page 115
    (Radio shack, Brackett is pacing, Harbison has a pleading look on his face)

    Harbison: Sir, you have to tell her something sometime. She hasn’t seen him for weeks. She might as well know now.

    • Okay, Send her in . Send her in.
    • I always have to do the tough jobs.
  3. Nellie: Captian Brackett: I know this isn’t regular….It’s about Emile de Beque. I went to his house a week know how people have arguments and then days later you think of a good answer…Well I went to the house and he wasn’t there.I even asked the children-he has two children-abd they don’t seem to know where he has gone.
    At last, I think that’s what they said-they only speek French.
  4. Nellie: And tonight, when I was on duty in theward-we have a lot of pilots over there, the boys who knocked out that convoy yesterday-you know, fighter pilot talk..about “immelamanns” and “wingover” and things. I never listen, but they kept talking about the Frenchman. The Frenchman said this , the Frenchman said that…and I was wondering if the Frenchman they were talking about could be Frenchmen.
    • Yes, Miss Forbush, it is.
    • I couldn’t tell you before but….
    • As a matter of fact, if you wait here a few minutes, you can hear his voice.
  5. Nellie: His voice? Where is he?
    With Lieutenant Cable behind enemy lines.
  6. Nellie: Behind…
    (McCaffrey snaps his fingers and all head towards the loudspeaker)
  7. Emile’s voice: Hello, hellow, my friends and allies. My message today must be brief..and sad..Lt Cable, my friend Jo, died last night. He died form wounds he received three days ago. I will never know a finer man. I wish he could have told you the good news. The Japanese are pulling our and there is great confusion Our guess is that the Japs will try to evacuate troops from Cape Esperance tonight. You may not here from us for several days. We must move again. Two planes are overhead. They are looking for us, we think. We believe that.. (Sounds of planes and shouting) What..what..good-bye
    • (A moment of silence while McCaffrey works the dials)
    • Is that all? Is that all?
    • Can’t you get him back?

  8. (Music)
    No sir, they’re cut off.
    Nellie: Poor Joe, Poor little Joe.
    (she holds tightly to Brackett’s arm)
    Captain Brackett…do you thinks there’s a chance I’ll ever see Emile de Becque again? If you don’t think so, will you tell me?

    • There’s a chance…
    • Of course there’s a chance.
  9. Nellie: (to Harbison) I didn’t know he was going.
    • Of course not.
    • How could he tell you he was going?
    • Now don’t blame Emile de Becque.
    • He’s okay…he’s a wonderful guy! (These words should be underscored)
  10. Nellie: Uh-Huh

    (she exits upset)
    He has got a chance, hasn’t he Bill?
  11. Harbison: Of course. There’s always a chance.
    • Come on!
    • Let’s get out of here!

    (Both exit)
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