South pacific 4

  1. (Happy Talk/Younger Than Springtime)

    ACT 2 Scene 3-
    Page 94

    (GI stage, Brackett making a speech to a standing mic)
    Up to now, our side has been having the hell beat out of it in two hemispheres. And, we’re not going to get to go home until the situation is reversed. It may take a long time before we can get any big operation underway, so, its things like this, like this show tonight, that keep us going. Now, I understand that I am not generally considered a sentimental type.
  2. Voices: Oh, boy! You can say that again!
    Once or twice I understand I have been referred to as

    “Old Iron Belly”
  3. Voices: Once or twice! Just about a million times.
    • I recent that very much, Because,
    • I had already chosen that as my privet name for our Executive Officer, Commander Harbison.
    • (Big laugh and applause)
    • Take a bow –Commander.
  4. (Harbisonis flanked by two girls)

    Voice: I wish I was a Commander.
    • I want you to know that both “Old Iron Bellies” sat here tonight.
    • And had a hell of a good time. And we want to thank that hard working committee of,
    • Nurses and Seabees, who made the costumes out of rope and mosquito nets,
    • Comic books and newspapers….
    • (He fingers the paper shirt of one of the girls)
  5. Voice: Ah, ah – captain
    • (Brackett frowns and pulls himself together)... and thought up these jokes and these
    • grand songs. And I just want to say on this Thanksgiving Day, to all of them from all of us,
    • Thank you. (Feeble applause makes it obvious GIs want to get on with the show)
    • And now I’m going to ask Commander Harbison to announce the next act,
    • Which is the finarely, of our Thanksgiving entertainment.
    • (He hands the mike to Harbison)
  6. Harbison: The next and last will be a song sung by Boson Butch Forbush.
    …and that Siren of the Coral Sea, gorgeous, voluptuous and petite..
    Mademoiselle Lutherta.
    • (Brackett laughing)
    • Come on, Bill!
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