History CH 1-3

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  1. Two event that revived European Orient?
    • 1.  Crusades
    • 2.  Marko Polo's writings
  2. Who invented what and when that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages?
    Johann Gutenberg's movable-type printing press in 1440.
  3. Who began the Protestant Reformation by posting the Ninety-five Theses and when?
    • Martin Luther
    • 1517
  4. What term means the "rebirth" of learning in Europe in the 1300's?
  5. Who first realized that what Columbus discovered was a new continent?
    Amerigo Vespucci
  6. the king and queen who sponsored Columbus's voyage?
    Ferdinand and Isabella
  7. Name the movement in Europe that ensured the North America colonized people would be influenced by the Word of God?
    the Protestant Reformation
  8. Who sailed around Africa to India?
    Vasco da Gama
  9. Who sent out several ships to explore the western coast of Africa?
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  10. The Viking who landed on the shores of North America around A.D. 1000?
    Leif Ericson
  11. The first European to travel the length of Asia?
    Marco Polo
  12. Indian tribe that Francisco Pizarro conquered?
  13. Who conquered the Indian tribe called the Aztecs?
    Hernando Cortes
  14. Who established first permanent French settlement in the New World and where?
    • Samuel de Champlain
    • Quebec, Canada
  15. Who claimed Mississippi Valley for France?
    Robert Cavalier de la Salle
  16. Where was the first permanent European settlement in present-day United States?
    St. Augustine, Florida
  17. Name the French Protestants that came to America to avoid religious persecution?
  18. Who discovered the Pacific Ocean?
    Vasco de Balboa
  19. Who led expedition that discovered the St. Lawrence River?
    Jacques Cartier
  20. Who led 3 yr. expedition that proved the earth is round?
    Ferdinand Magellan
  21. Name the event that allowed Protestant England and Scotland to allow political and religious freedom in North America?
    the defeat of the Spanish Armada
  22. Name of the first English child born in America?
    Virginia Dare
  23. Name the document Pilgrim leaders wrote to set precedent for representative government.
    Mayflower Compact
  24. Name of the representative assembly in Jamestown that acted as and advisory body to the governor of colony of Virginia and him in making laws.
    House of Burgesses
  25. Term for when government leaves individuals free to own businesses and make a living dependent on their own initiative?
    free enterprise
  26. The first permanent English settlement established in 1607 in the New World.
  27. Key points of why the common-store system fail?
    • 1. some worked
    • 2. others had no initiative so did not work
    • 3. everyone used storehouse supply ran low quick
  28. What Pastor led his congregation of Separatists from England to Holland to escape persecution and to gain religious freedom.
    Pastor John Robinson
  29. Name the first Englishman to sail around the world.
    Francis Drake
  30. What became the important economic crop of Jamestown, and who founded it?
    tobacco by John Rolfe
  31. Name the first modern European explorer to set foot on the mainland of North America.
    John Cabot
  32. founder of Georgia
    James Oglethorpe
  33. "Apostle to the Indians"
    John Eliot
  34. founder of Rhode Island
    Roger Williams
  35. Name of college founded by Puritans in 1636 to prepare young men for the gospel ministry.
    Harvard College
  36. Another name for the English religious group who called themselves the Society of Friends.
  37. founder of Connecticut and settlement of Hartford
    Thomas Hooker
  38. Name the act passed in Massachusetts that established the first town school system in America.
    Ole' Deluder Satan Act
  39. What colony was founded to provide a refuge for debtor prisoners?
  40. First governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
    John Winthrop
  41. Why did Puritans teach children to read?
    So everyone could read the Bible for themselves.
  42. What did Marco Polo's writings describe?
    wealth of the Orient
  43. What Caribbean island did Columbus make his first landing on in the New World?
    San Salvador
  44. Who translated the Bible into English?
    John Wycliffe
  45. Where did English businessmen obtain money for settlements?
    joint-stock companies
  46. Who fixed the failure of the common-store system in Jamestown?
    John Smith
  47. Name the English-speaking Indian that lived in Plymouth and taught the Pilgrims how to hunt and fish.
  48. What church did the Puritans hope to "purify"?
    Church of England
  49. The "Great Migration" brought thousands of what group to New England?
  50. Francis Drake helped who defeat the Spanish?
    English defeat the Spanish
  51. Who were the conquistadors?
    military invaders from Spain
  52. What precedent did the New England Confederation set for the colonies?
    voluntary union of the colonies
  53. What was a proprietary colony?
    colony controlled by a nobleman
  54. What act granted freedom of worship to all Christians in the Maryland colony?
    Toleration Act
  55. Who searched for the fountain of youth?
    Ponce de Leon
  56. Who discovered he Mississippi River?
    Hernando de Soto
  57. What colony was the first Baptist church in America founded?
    Rhode Island
  58. What colony of New Netherland is actually what state now today?
    New York
  59. What colony is know as the "city of brotherly love"?
  60. What colony was founded by Lord Baltimore as a haven for English Catholics?
  61. The governor of Pennsylvania also controlled what other colony?
  62. What colony was made of Separatists and "Strangers"?
  63. What colony was established by Sir Walter Raleigh?
  64. What type of building did the Swedes introduce to the New World?
    log cabin
  65. What ship carried the Pilgrims to the New World?
  66. Who wrote History of Plymouth Plantation?
    William Bradford
  67. What is free-enterprise system?
    a person is fee to earn their own living based on personal enterprise.
  68. Why does free-enterprise system work?
    One is motivated to work and provide for themselves because their welfare is their responsibility.
  69. Which system is better; free-enterprise system or common-store system better? Why?
    • free-enterprise
    • -because it makes man responsible for his sinful nature
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