South Pacific 3

  1. (I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy)

    ACT 1 Scene 9
    - Page 65

    (Brackett, Harbison and Cable are looking at Emile. Bracketts talks in a man to man way)
    Now, before you give us your answer, I want to impress upon you three things. First, you area civilian and you don’t have to go. There’s no way of making you go. Second, this is a very dangerous mission, And there’s no guarantee that you’ll survive, Or that it will do any good. Third, that it might do a great good. It might be the means for turning the tide of war in this area.
  2. Emile: I understand all these things.
    Are you ready to give your answer?
  3. Emile: Yes I am. My answer is no!(Brackett and Harbison exchange suppressed looks) When a man faces death he must weigh values very carefully. He must weigh the sweetness of his life against the thing he is asked to die for. The probability of death is very great, for both of us. I know that island well. Lieutenant Cable. I am not certain that I believe that what you ask me to do is…is.
    • (With passion)
    • We’re asking you to help us lick the Japs.
    • It’s as simple at that.
    • We’re against the Japs.
  4. Emile:I know what you are against. But what are you for? (He waits for an answer, but they don’t give one) When I was 22, I thought the world hated bullies as much as I did. I was foolish. I killed one. And I was forced to flee to an island. Since then, I have asked no help from anyone or any country. I have seen these bullies multiply and grow strong. The world sat by and watched.
    Cable: Aw, hell with this, de Becque, let’s be honest! Aren’t you just a guy in love with a girl and your putting her above everything else in the world?
  5. Emile: Yes, I do care about my life with her more than anything else in the world. It is the only thing that is important to me. This I believe in. This I am sure of. This I have. I cannot risk to lose it. Good day gentlemen.(He goes out. All three men have been rocked off balance)
    He’s an honest man, but he’s wrong. Of course, we can’t guarantee him a better world if we win. Point is, we can be damned sure it’ll be worse if we lose. Can’t we?
    • Of course.
    • Cable, there’s a bottle of Scotch in my bottom drawer.
    • See you tomorrow.
    • (He excites quickly)
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