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  1. Adam
    1st human. Lived 930 years. Son of God (Luke 3:38)
  2. Eve
    Mother of Cain & Abel
  3. Cain
    Killed his brother Abel
  4. Abel
    Killed by his brother Cain
  5. Seth
    3rd son of Adam & Eve. Born to adam when 130yrs old. Live to 912 yrs
  6. Enoch
    Son of Jared, Father of Methuselah, Great Grandfather of Noah. Walked w/ God (Jude 1:14)
  7. Methuselah
    Live 969 yrs. Oldest man. Son of Enoch. Grandfather of Noah.
  8. Lamech
    Son of Methusaleh, Father of Noah, 777 years old. Adam alive for 1st 50 yrs
  9. Noah
    Built ark. Son of Lamech. Father of Shem, Ham and Japheth. Died at 950 yrs
  10. Shem
    – Son of Noah, Father of Elam, Asshur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram
  11. Ham
    – Son of Noah, Father of Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Caanan
  12. Japheth
    – Son of Noah
  13. Terah
    – Father of Abram, Haran & Nahor II. Son of Nahor I (Descendant of Shem)
  14. Abram / Abraham
    – Son of Terah, Father of the 12 patriarchs. Husband of Sarai
  15. Nahor
    – Brother of Abram
  16. Haran
    – Brother of Abram
  17. Lot
    – Abraham’s nephew, Son of Haran
  18. Sarai / Sarah
    – Wife of Abram, Mother of Isaac
  19. Melchizedek
    – king of Salem, High Priest
  20. Hagar
    – Mother of Ishmael, Sarai’s maid servant
  21. Ishmael
    – First son of Abram and Hagar
  22. Moab and Ben-Ammi
    – grandsons of Lot (incest of Lot)
  23. Abimelech and Sarah
    – Philistine king tried to take Sarah as wife
  24. Isaac
    – first son of Abraham and Sarah. Father of Jacob. Grandfather of the 12 patriarchs. Husband of Rebecca.
  25. Rebecca
    – Wife of Isaac. Mother of Jacob & Esau, Sister of Laban
  26. Bethuel
    – Nephew of Abraham, Father of Laban & Rebecca, Nahor was his father. Cousin of Lot.
  27. Laban
    – Son of Bethuel, Brother of Rebecca, Brother in law to Isaac, Uncle to Jacob
  28. Keturah
    – wife of Abraham after Sarah died. Bore Abraham 6 sons - became the Arabs
  29. Jacob
    – (“Israel”) son of Isaac & Rebecca, brother of Esau, wrestled with the angel
  30. Esau / Edom
    – Older son of Isaac & Rebecca, Jacob’s twin, Edom means “Red” and became new name of Esau after ate stew
  31. Leah
    – 1st wife of Jacob, 6 sons (Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun)
  32. Rachel
    – favorite wife of Jacob, 2 sons (Joseph, Benjamin)
  33. Bilhah
    – Rachel’s maidservant, 2 sons (Dan, Naphtali)
  34. Zilpah
    – Leah’s maidservant, 2 sons (Gad, Asher)
  35. Leah’s Sons
    Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun
  36. Rachel’s Sons
    Joseph and Benjamin – Benjamin born in Canaan
  37. Bilhah’s Sons
    • (Rachel’s Maidservant)
    • Dan and Naphtali
  38. Zilpah’s Sons
    • (Leah’s Maidservant)
    • Gad and Asher
  39. Dinah
    – Daughter of Jacob & Leah, Raped by men of Shechem, avenged my Simeon and Levi (while being circumcised)
  40. Shechem
    – Canaanite city where Dinah was raped
  41. Tamar
    –Dressed as a prostitute and slept with her father in law Judah.

    First husband Er died and his brother Onan was to give her children but spilled semen.

    Mother of Perez & Zerah.
  42. Er, Onan and Shelah
    Er husband of Tamar

    Onan slept with Tamar,

    all of these guys are brothers
  43. Perez and Zerah
    – Twins sons of Tamar by father in law Judah.

    Zerah (Simeonites, stuck hand out first and ribbon tied to wrist)
  44. Asenath
    – Egyptian woman became wife to Joseph.

    Mother of Manasseh & Ephraim
  45. Moses
    – Hebrew mother was Jochebed, brother of Miriam and Aaron
  46. Reuel / Jethro
    – Moses’ father in law (Jethro is a title meaning “excellency”)
  47. Zipporah
    – Daughter of Jethro, wife of moses
  48. Gershom
    – 1st son of Moses and zipporah
  49. Aaron
    – brother of Moses, High Priest
  50. Miriam
    – sister of moses, contracted leprosy
  51. Nadab
    – son of aaron
  52. Abihu
    – son of aaron
  53. Eleazar
    – son of aaron (succeeded him), nephew of moses, father of phinehas
  54. Ithamar
    – youngest son of Aaron, brother of Eleazar
  55. Kohathites, Gershonites and Merarites
    – divisions of levi
  56. Nazirite
    – set apart
  57. 12 Spies – to the land of caanan
    Caleb, Joshua
  58. Joshua
    – moses’ successor, son of Nun, one of the 12 spies
  59. Caleb
    – one of 12 spies, faith to conquer
  60. Korah, Dathan and Abiram –
    Korah son of Esau, all rebelled against moses & aaron. swallowed
  61. Balak
    – king of Moab, tries to hire Balaam to curse Israel
  62. Balaam
    – son of beor, rebuked by a donkey
  63. Phinehas
    – grandson of aaron, son of eleazar, speared Israelite man and midianite woman
  64. Sihon
    – Amorite king, refused to let Israel pass thru country, defeated by israelites
  65. Og
    – Amorite king, a giant
  66. Korah was the son of who?
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