hist vocab 3

  1. Socialism
    19th century ideology, an economic system in which the working classes are running the economy/business. communism is a type of socialism.
  2. Liberalism
    19th century ideology, roots in the enlightenment, more liberty to the people, very capitalist, life. liberty, property, vote.
  3. Conservatism
    19th century ideology, value of tradition, value the past as much as the future.
  4. Utilitarianism
    19th century ideology, the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people.
  5. Romanticism
    19th century, glorifies emotion, imagination, the genius, creativity,
  6. Positivism
    19th century, a politicial philosophy to reconcile science with religion which incorporates ideas of the enlightenment. positivist belive that we will all arrive at the correct conclusion and all agree.
  7. Queen Victoria
    England, 19th century. she is the queen of england. she became the queen at 18 years old and was an effective ruler, during her reign the middle class began to gain power.
  8. Camillo Di Cavour
    19th century, was the prime minister of peadmont, his ideas and policies led to the unification of italy.
  9. Victor Immanuel II
    19th century, was the king of peadmont, and the first king of italy.
  10. Giuseppe Garibaldi
    19th century, Italy, he served the king in Sardinia, fought in Rome against the French and allied with cavour. conquered sicily and naples.
  11. Otto Von Bismark
    19th century, He was the primeminister of Prussia. he became the chancellor of germany once it is unified. he is significant because he oversaw the unification of germany.
  12. Social Darwinism
    late 19th century idea, Europe but starting in England, Herbert Spencer based his idea on Darwin's natural selection. its significant because it influenced many other ideas: justifying social inequalities, racism, eugenics.
  13. Friedrich Nietzsche
    19th century, Prussia, he was a philosopher who rejected the philosophical system, he believed theat you should be able to question everything, he hated everyone, he went insane, significant because he influenced existentialism and post modernism.
  14. Bolsehviks
    early 1900's, Russia, lenins group, they believed in a centralized leadership. (majority) urban workers.
  15. Mensheviks
    early 1900's, Russia, Believed that democratic republic was necessary for socialism. (minority) urban workers.
  16. Vladamir Lenin
    early 1900's, russia, he was a russian revolutionary, and the leader of the bolsheviks. he worked towards creating socialist russia.
  17. Lenon Trotsky
    early 1900's, Russia, he was the leader of the Mensheviks, his ideas were called trotskyism by his oponents inorder to separated it from marxism.
  18. Zemstvos
    1900's , Russia, they were local government institutions
  19. Russo-Japanesse War
    early 1900's, a war between russia and japan, the japanese win and leave russia at a disadvantage. the loss of the war led to the russian revolution.
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