1. a fly in the ointment
    • -a drawback
    • -"Dead flies make a perfume oil stink so a little foolishness is weightier than wisdom & honor"
  2. a house divided will not stand
    -a family separated by fighting will fall apart
  3. am i my brother's keeper?
    • -people's tendency not accepting responsibility
    • -genesis; cain & abel
  4. at their wits' end
    -upset or worried
  5. baptism by fire
    -spiritual sanctification as a gift from the holy spirit
  6. by the skin of your teeth
    by the smallest margin/barely succeeding
  7. cast the first stone
    to attack a sinner (hypocritical to condemn a sinner since we're all sinners)
  8. doubting thomas
    • -someone who is doubtful
    • -thomas wouldn't believe jesus resurrected
  9. for everything there is a season
    everything has its right moment or opportunity
  10. my cup runneth over
    i got so many benefits i can't contain it all
  11. out of the mouth of babes
    something surprising
  12. no rest for the wicked
    you want to stop an activity but still continue
  13. you reap what you sow
    whatever you dedicate yourself to determines your result
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