Gre SYN & ANT of high freq words

  1. synonym for abeyance

    a. obedience
    b. discussion
    c. excitement
    d. suspended action
    e. editorial
    abeyance - suspended action

    d. suspended action
  2. antonym for alacrity

    a. slowness
    b. plenty
    c. filth
    d. courtesy
    e. despair
    alacrity - cheerful promptness

    a. slowness
  3. antonym for alleviate

    a. endure
    b. worsen
    c. enlighten
    d. maneuver
    e. humiliate
    alleviate - to relieve

    b. worsen
  4. antonym for amalgamate

    a. equip
    b. separate
    c. generate
    d. materialize
    e. express
    amalgamate - to combine

    b. separate
  5. antonym for ambiguous

    a. salvageable
    b. corresponding
    c. responsible
    d. clear
    e. auxiliary
    ambiguous - unclear or doubtful in meaning

    d. clear
  6. antonym for ameliorate

    a. make slow
    b. make sure
    c. make young
    d. make worse
    e. make able
    ameliorate - to improve

    d. make worse
  7. synonym or antonym for appease

    a. agitate
    b. qualify
    c. display
    d. predestine
    e. interrupt
    appease - to pacify or soothe, relieve

    • antonym
    • a. agitate
  8. synonym for attenuate

    a. appear
    b. be absent
    c. weaken
    d. testify
    e. soothe
    attenuate - make thinner, weaker or lessen

    c. weaken
  9. synonym for audacity

    a. boldness
    b. asperity
    c. strength
    d. stature
    e. anchorage
    audacity - daring, bold

    a. boldness
  10. synonym for banal

    a. philosophical
    b. trite
    c. dramatic
    d. heedless
    e. discussed
    banal - hackneyed, commonplace, trite, lacking orginality

    b. trite
  11. synonym for bombastic

    a. sensitive
    b. pompous
    c. rapid
    d. sufficient
    e. expensive
    bombastic - pompous, using inflated language

    b. pompous
  12. synonym for boorish

    a. brave
    b. oafish
    c. romantic
    d. speedy
    e. dry
    boorish - rude, insensitive

    b. oafish
  13. antonym for capricious

    a. satisfied
    b. insured
    c. photographic
    d. scattered
    e. steadfast
    capricious - unpredictable, fickle

    e. steadfast
  14. antonym for castigation

    a. commendation
    b. patience
    c. generosity
    d. understatement
    e. honesty
    castigation - punishment, severe criticism

    a. commendation
  15. synonym or antonym for compliant

    a. numberous
    b. veracaious
    c. soft
    d. adamant
    e. livid
    compliant - yielding, conforming to requirements

    • antonym
    • d. adamant ( inflexible)
  16. synonym or antonym for conciliate

    a. defend
    b. activate
    c. integrate
    d. quarrel
    e. react
    conciliate - reconcile, soothe

    • antonym
    • d. quarrel
  17. synonym or antonym for condone

    a. build
    b. evaluate
    c. pierce
    d. infuriate
    e. overlook
    condone - overlook, forgive, give tacit approval, excuse

    • synonym
    • e. overlook
  18. synonym for connoisseur

    a. gourmand
    b. lover of art
    c. humidor
    d. delinuent
    e. interpreter
    connoisseur - person competent to act as a judge of art, lover of art

    b. lover of art
  19. synonym for contentious

    a. squealing
    b. suprising
    c. quarrelsome
    d. smug
    e. creative
    contentious - quarrelsome

    c. quarrelsome
  20. antonym for dauntless

    a. stolid
    b. cowardly
    c. irrelevant
    d. peculiar
    e. particular
    dautness - intimidate, frighten

    b. cowardly
  21. synonym for decorous

    a. momentary
    b. emotional
    c. suppressed
    d. proper
    e. unexpected
    decorous - propriety, orderliness and good taste in manners

    d. proper
  22. synonym for default

    a. failture to act
    b. tendency to err
    c. desire to remedy
    d. debt
    e. misunderstanding
    default - failure to act

    a. failure to act
  23. synonym for denigrate

    a. refuse
    b. blacken
    c. terrify
    d. admit
    e. review
    denigrate - blacken

    b. blacken
  24. atonym for diatribe

    a. mass
    b. range
    c. eulogy
    d. elegy
    e. starvation
    diatribe - bitter scolding, invective

    c. eulogy
  25. antonym for diffidence

    a. sharpness
    b. boldness
    c. malcontent
    d. dialogue
    e. catalog
    diffidence - shyness

    b. boldness
  26. synonym or antonym for disingenuous

    a. uncomfortable
    b. eventual
    c. naive
    d. complex
    e. enthusiastic
    disingenuous - lacking genuine candor, insincere

    • synonym
    • c. naive
  27. synonym or antonym for disinterested

    a. prejudiced
    b. horrendous
    c. affected
    d. arbitrary
    e. bored
    disinterested - unpredjudiced

    • antonym
    • a. prejudiced
  28. synonym or antonym for disjointed

    a. satisfied
    b. carved
    c. understood
    d. connected
    e. evicted
    disjointed - lacking coherence, separated at the joints

    • antonym
    • d.connected
  29. synonym or antonym for distend

    a. bloat
    b. adjust
    c. exist
    d. materialize
    e. finish
    distend - expand, swell out

    • synonym
    • a. bloat
  30. synonym or antonym for dogmatic

    a. benign
    b. canine
    c. impatient
    d. petulant
    e. arbitrary
    dogmatic - opinionated, arbitary, doctrinal

    • synonym
    • e. arbitrary
  31. synonym for embellish

    a. doff
    b. don
    c. abscond
    d. adorn
    e. equalize
    embellish - adorn, ornament, enhance as a story

    d. adorn
  32. antonym for ephemeral

    a. sensuous
    b. passing
    c. popular
    d. distasteful
    e. eternal
    ephemeral - short lived, fleeting

    e. eternal
  33. antonym for equanimity

    a. agitation
    b. stirring
    c. vovlume
    d. identity
    e. luster
    equanimity - calmness of temperament, composure

    a. agitation
  34. antonym for erudite

    a. professional
    b. stately
    c. short
    d. unknown
    e. ignorant
    erudite - learned, scholarly

    e. ignorant
  35. antonym for exculpate

    a. blame
    b. prevail
    e. acquire
    d. ravish
    e. accumulate
    exculpate - clear from blame

    a. blame
  36. synonym or antonym for fatuous

    a. fatal
    b. natal
    c. terrible
    d. sensible
    e. tolderance
    fatuous - brainless, inane, foolish, yet smug

    • antonym
    • d. sensible
  37. synonym or antonym for fledgling

    a. weaving
    b. bobbing
    c. beginning
    d. studying
    e. flaying
    fledgling - inexperienced

    • synonym
    • c. beginning
  38. synonym for foment

    a. spoilt
    b. instigate
    c. interrogate
    d. spray
    e. maintain
    foment - stir up, instigate

    b. instigate
  39. synonym for frugality

    a. foolishness
    b. extremity
    c. indifference
    d. enthusiasm
    e. economy
    frugality - thrift, economy

    e. economy
  40. synonym for garrulous

    a. arid
    b. hastly
    c. sociable
    d. quaint
    e. talkative
    garrulous - loquacious, wordy, talkative

    e. talkative
  41. antonym for gregarious

    a. antisocial
    b. anticipatory
    c. glorious
    d. horrendous
    e. similar
    gregarious - sociable

    a. antisocial
  42. antonym for gullible

    a. incredulous
    b. fickle
    c. tantamount
    d. easy
    e. stylish
    gullible - easily decieved

    a. incredulous (unable to believe)
  43. antonym for hyperbole

    a. velocity
    b. climax
    c. curve
    d. understatement
    e. expansion
    hyperbole - exaggeration, overstatement

    d. understatment
  44. synonym or antonym for immutable

    a. silent
    b. changing
    c. articulate
    d. loyal
    e. varied
    immutable - unchangeable

    • antonym
    • b. changing
  45. synonym or antonym for impair

    a. separate
    b. make ammends
    c. make worse
    d. falsify
    e. cancel
    impair - injure, hurt

    • antonym
    • c. make worse
  46. synonym or antonym for impassive

    a. active
    b. demonstrative
    c. perfect
    d. anxious
    e. irritated
    impassive - without feeling, imperturbable ( not easily excited), stoical (seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain)

    b. demonstrative(given to or marked by the open expression of emotion)
  47. synonym for indigent

    a. lazy
    b. pusillanimous
    c. penurious
    d. affluent
    e. contrary
    indigent - poverty

    c. penurious (not having enough money to pay for necessities)
  48. synonym for indolence

    a. sloth
    b. poverty
    c. latitude
    d. aptitude
    e. anger
    indolence - lazy

    a. sloth
  49. synonym for ingenuous

    a. clever
    b. stimulating
    c. naive
    d. worried
    e. cautious
    ingenuous - naive and trusting, young, unsophisticated

    c. naive
  50. synonym for innocuous

    a. not capable
    b. not dangerous
    c. not eager
    d. not frank
    e. not peaceful
    innocuous - harmless

    b. not dangerous
  51. synonym for insinuate

    a. resist
    b. suggest
    c. report
    d. rectify
    e. lecture
    insinuate - hint, imply, creep in

    b. suggest
  52. synonym for insipid

    a. witty
    b. flat
    c. wily
    d. talkative
    e. lucid
    insipid - lacking flavor, dull

    b. flat
  53. synonym for intractable

    a. culpable
    b. flexible
    c. unruly
    d. efficient
    e. base
    intractable - unruly, stubborn, unyielding

    c. unruly
  54. synonym for intransigence

    a. lack of training
    b. stubbornness
    c. novelty
    d. timidity
    e. cupidity
    intransigence - refusal to comprise, stubbornness

    b. stubbornness
  55. synonym for inundate

    a. abuse
    d. deny
    c. swallow
    d. treat
    e. flood
    inundate - overwhelm, flood, submerge

    e. flood
  56. antonym for laconic

    a. milky
    b. verbose
    c. wicked
    d. flagrant
    e. derelict
    laconic - brief and to the point

    b. verbose
  57. antonym for latent

    a. trim
    b. forbidding
    c. execrable
    d. early
    e. obvious
    latent - potential but underdeveloped, dormant, hidden

    e. obvious
  58. antonym for laudatory

    a. dirtying
    b. disclaiming
    c. defamatory
    d. inflamatory
    e. debased
    laudatory - praise

    c. defamatory (a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions)
  59. antonym for lethargic

    a. convalescent
    b. beautiful
    c. enervating
    d. invigorating
    e. interrogating
    lethargic - drowsy, dull

    d. invigorating
  60. antonym for levity

    a. bridge
    b. darn
    c. praise
    d. blame
    e. solemnity
    levity - lack of seriousness or steadiness

    e. solemnity (a trait of dignified seriousness)
  61. antonym for loquacious

    a. taciturn
    b. sentimental
    c. soporific
    d. soothing
    e. sedate
    loquacious - talkative

    a. taciturn (habitually reserved and uncommunicative)
  62. synonym or antonym for malleable

    a. brittle
    b. blatant
    c. brilliant
    d. brownish
    e. basking
    malleable - capable of being shaped by pounding, impressionable

    • antonym
    • a. brittle
  63. synonym for meticulous

    a. steadfast
    b. recent
    c. quaint
    d. painstaking
    e. overt
    meticulous - excessively carefuly, painstaking, scrupulous

    d. painstaking
  64. synonym for misanthrope

    a. benefactor
    b. philanderer
    c. man hater
    d. aesthete
    e. epicure
    misanthrope - man hater

    c. man hater
  65. synonym for mollify

    a. avenge
    b. attenuate
    c. attribute
    d. morify
    e. appease
    mollify - soothe

    e. appease
  66. synonym for mundane

    a. global
    b. futile
    c. spatial
    d. heretic
    e. worldly
    mundane - worldly as opposed to spiritual, everyday

    e. worldly
  67. antonym for negation

    a. postulation
    b. hypothecation
    c. affirmation
    d. violation
    e. anticipation
    negation - cancel out, nullify, deny

    c. affirmation
  68. antonym for neophyte

    a. veteran
    b. satellite
    c. desperado
    d. handwritting
    e. violence
    neophyte - recent convert, beginner

    a. veteran
  69. antonym for obdurate

    a. yielding
    b. fleeing
    c. finite
    d. fascinating
    e. permanent
    obdurate - stubborn

    a. yielding
  70. antonym for obsequious

    a. successful
    b. democratic
    c. supercilious
    d. ambitous
    e. lamentable
    obsequious - slavishly attentive, servile, sycophantic (attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery)

    c. supercilious (the trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior)
  71. antonym for opprobrium

    a. delineation
    b. aptitude
    c. majesty
    d. freedom
    e. praise
    opprobrium - infamy, vilification

    e. praise
  72. antonym for ostentatious

    a. inactive
    b. unassuming
    c. impolite
    d. illicit
    e. irrational
    ostentatious - showy, pretentious, trying to attract attention

    b. unassuming (modest)
  73. antonym for penchant

    a. distance
    b. imminence
    c. dislike
    d. attitude
    e. void
    penchant - strong inclination, liking

    c. dislike
  74. antonym for penurious

    a. imprisoned
    b. captivated
    c. generous
    d. vacant
    e. abolished
    penurious - severe poverty, stinginess

    c. generous
  75. antonym for perfunctory

    a. official
    b. thorough
    c. insipid
    d. vicarious
    e. distinctive
    perfunctory - superficial, not thorough, laking interest, care or enthusiasm

    b. thorough
  76. antonym for permeable

    a. perishable
    b. effective
    c. plodding
    d. impenetrable
    e. lasting
    permeable - penetrable, porous, allowing liquids or gas to pass through

    d. impenetrable
  77. synonym for phlematic

    a. clam
    b. cryptic
    c. practical
    d. salivary
    e. dishonest
    phlematic - calm, not easily distrubed

    a. calm
  78. synonym for placate

    a. determine
    b. transmit
    c. pacify
    d. allow
    e. define
    placate - pacify, conciliate

    c. pacify
  79. synonym for platitude

    a. fatness
    b. bravery
    d. dimension
    d. trite remark
    e. strong belief
    platitude - trite remark, commonplace statement

    d. trite remark
  80. synonym for precarious

    a. priceless
    b. premature
    c. primitive
    d. hazardous
    e. unwelcome
    precarious - uncertain, risky

    d. hazardous
  81. antonym for precipitate

    a. dull
    b. anticipatory
    c. cautious
    d. considerate
    e. welcome
    precipitate - rash, premature, hasty, sudden

    c. cautious
  82. antonym for presumption

    a. assertion
    b. activation
    c. motivation
    d. propostion
    e. predatory
    presumption - arrogant, talking liberties

    e. predatory (living by or given to victimizing others for personal gain)
  83. antonym for pristine

    a. cultivated
    b. condemned
    c. irreligious
    d. cautious
    e. critical
    pristine - characteristic of earlier times, primitive

    a. cultivated
  84. antonym for probity

    a. regret
    b. assumption
    c. corruptibility
    d. extent
    e. upswing
    probity - uprightness, incorruptibility

    c. corruptibility
  85. antonym for prodigal

    a. large
    b. thrifty
    c. consistent
    d. compatible
    e. remote
    prodigal - wasteful, reckless with money

    b. thrifty
  86. synonym or antonym for recalcitrant

    a. grievous
    b. secretive
    c. cowardly
    d. thoughtful
    e. cooperative
    recalcitrant - obstinatley stubborn, determined to resist authority, unruly

    • antonym
    • e. cooperative
  87. synonym or antonym for recluse

    a. learned scholar
    b. mocker
    c. social person
    d. careful workers
    e. daredevil
    recluse - hermit, loner

    • antonym
    • c. social person
  88. synonym or antonym for recondite

    a. unfriendly
    b. easily coprehensible
    c. closely juxtaposed
    d. broadminded
    e. sardonic
    recondite - abstruse (incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge), profound, secret

    • antonym
    • b. easily conprehensible
  89. synonym for refractory

    a. articulate
    b. singalbe
    c. vaunted
    d. useless
    e. unmanageable
    refractory - stubborn, unmanageable

    e. unmanageable
  90. synonym for repudiate

    a. besmirch
    b. appropriate
    c. annoy
    d. reject
    e. avow
    repudiate - disown, disavow

    d. reject
  91. antonym for reticence

    a. fatigue
    b. fashion
    c. treachery
    d. loquaciousness
    e. magnanimity
    reticence - reserved, uncommunicative, inclined to silence

    d. loquaciousness
  92. antonym for revere

    a. advance
    b. dishonor
    c. age
    d. precede
    e. wake
    revere - respectful, worshipful

    b. dishonor
  93. antonym for salubrious

    a. salty
    b. bloody
    c. miasmic
    d. maudin
    e. wanted
    salubrious - healthful

    c. miasmic ( of noxious stench from atmospheric pollution)
  94. synonym or antonym for soporific

    a. dining
    b. austic
    c. memorial
    d. awakening
    e. springing
    soporific - sleep causing, makring by sleepiness

    • antonym
    • d. awakening
  95. synonym or antonym for tacit

    a. spoken
    b. allowed
    c. neutral
    d. impertinent
    e. unwanted
    tacit - understood, not put into words

    • synonym
    • a. spoken
  96. antonym for tractable

    a. unmanageable
    b. irreligious
    c. mortal
    d. incapable
    e. unreal
    tractable - docile, easily managed

    a. unmanageable
  97. antonym for truculent

    a. juicy
    b. overflowing
    c. peaceful
    d. determined
    e. false
    truculent - aggressiveness, ferocity

    c. peaceful
  98. synonym or antonym for venerate

    a. revere
    b. age
    c. reject
    d. reverberate
    e. degenerate
    venerate - revere

    • synonym
    • a. revere
  99. synonym or antonym for veracious

    a. worried
    b. slight
    c. alert
    d. truthful
    e. instrumental
    veracious - truthful

    • synonym
    • d. truthful
  100. synonym or antonym for viable

    a. moribund
    b. salable
    c. useful
    d. foolish
    e. inadequate
    viable - practical or workable, capable of maintaining life

    • antonym
    • a. moribund (being on the point of death; breathing your last)
  101. synonym for welter

    a. heat
    b. greeting
    c. recovery
    d. universe
    e. tumult
    welter - turmoil, bewildering jumble

    e. tumult (a state of commotion and noise and confusion)
  102. synonym for zealot

    a. beginner
    b. patron
    c. fanatic
    d. murderer
    e. leper
    zealot - fanatic, person who shows excessive zeal

    c. fanatic
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