VJHS 7th grade Literary Terms

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  1. Protagonist
    The main character in a story.
  2. Antagonist
    The character opposed to the protagonist (main character).
  3. Climax
    The point of highest tension in a story.
  4. Plot
    All the events in a story.
  5. Characterization
    The way the author creates convincing characters, usually through word choice and/or descriptions.
  6. Theme
    The central message or idea the author wishes the reader to understand from the story.
  7. Resolution
    The manner in which the conflict is resolved (solved).
  8. Conflict
    The struggle between opposing forces in a story (usually the struggle between the protagonist and the antagonist).
  9. Setting
    The time AND place in which the story takes place.  Sometimes there is more than one setting to a story.
  10. Foreshadowing
    Hints or clues the author gives of upcoming events in the story
  11. Alliteration
    Repeating the beginning consonant SOUND in two or more words close together in a sentence. (Sally sells seashells by the seashore.)
  12. Hyperbole
    • An extreme exaggeration.
    • (My backpack weighs a thousand pounds)
  13. Exposition
    The beginning of the story where you learn about the characters, the setting (time & place), and a little about the conflict.
  14. Mood
    The feeling of a story that is conveyed through the author's word choice and detailed descriptions.
  15. Point of view
    The perspective from which the story is told.  (First person, third person, omniscient)
  16. Rising Action
    All the events that build the conflict in the story.
  17. Falling action
    All the events after the climax.
  18. Allusion
    When the author makes a reference to something or someone in history, in another story (literary), or in mythology.

    It is NOT an illusion - that is what magicians do when performing their tricks.
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