AA TMAT Scenarios

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  1. ENG Lube Low PFL
    • S: #1/2 / Good WX / Shortly after T/O
    • A: Checked Inst / Dec E / Turn towards nearest field
    •   - #2 BD, comms w/ ATC , checklist, cleared Biscayne 
    •   - SOF checklist, cleared Airspace, SFO
    • R:SFO, no damage (10 min) / USCG found tanks
    • R: Increased awareness of oil prob
    •   - Great time to review new oil checklist procedures
  2. OEF 9 Hour Sortie
    • S: #1/2 Qatar to Afgh / High Vis / 3 days straight (2 practice 1 real)
    •   - 9 - 9.5 hour sortie with F-15Es and KC-10
    • A: Extra time to monitor #2 / ask for same on me
    •   - Extra Fighter to Fighter briefs
    •   - Watch for missing radio calls
    •   - Develop tasks that will be useful and keep alert (Diverts)
    • R: Success, proved we could deliver fast moves to AO
    • R: Unit: Great experience in new AO
    •   - Pers: Great to explore new aspect of combat ops w/ to/from as important as on station
  3. POW Rescue
    • S: 
    • A: Delegation: (I Kept AC-130s for intel feed)
    •   - Mark lead gun truck
    •   - Troy in air assault
    •   - Kevin in rear gun truck
    • R: Success, almost too good
    • R: Troops new no one was getting left behind
  4. MSL Aft Detent
    • S: Exercise, late, spare A/C
    •   - Walk around / asked to call WPNS
    • A: Let CF know I trusted him, but my procedures said I had to call WPNS
    •   - Just asked him if he was under pressure to launch
    •   - Said no worries, it's still only training, I would take hit 
    • R: WPNS did have to re-seat
    • R: After flight:
    •   - Let CF know "we" did right thing / Usually better to slow down to speed up
    •   - He said yep, don't; know what I was thinking, thanks
    •   - Didn't mention specific name of CF but let Top3 know that the guys on line were getting pressured to "go". Needed to talk to super and make sure he reiterated to follow T.O.s
  5. OIF GBU 31 Danger Close
    • S: #1/2, OIF, TIC, BOC Attack w/ GBU31v3
    •   - Danger Close, IED, coords called Cat 1 but gen from JTAC / ASAP
    • A: Decided to use #2's bombs first / assess hit
    •   - #2 slight miss, I needed to gen better coords
    •   - WX factor, very difficult to put jet in right place to gen HQ coords
    •   - Dropped Danger Close --> Shaq
    • R: IED house destroyed, desired effects on battle field
    • R: Unit: Used tapes to show technique to gen HQ coords
    •   - LL to use #2's bombs first and save FL for high stress/gen situation
    •   - Pers: Good to fall back on basics, geometry
    •   - Delegation: have #2 QC safety while I was cranium's down generating coords
  6. OIF Border CAS
    • S: #1/2 / Syrian Border / SOF TIC / compromise / exfill
    •   - WX Good there but deteriorating in Central Iraq / fuel / tanker
    •   - Decision: 1) Leave now for Tanker 2) Stay and figure something out
    • A: I mixed #1&2: Sent #2 to comm bridge and assess real WX
    •   - I max endured and supported SOF
    •   - WE analyses that if we got tanker to move could stay extra 20 min
    •   - I had #2 ask CAOC to send replacement
    •   - Supported, hand off to new fighters, RJ w/ #2 / EnE around WX, tanked, returned to CAP
    • R: Supported, hand off to new fighters, RJ w/ #2 / EnE around WX, tanked, returned to CAP
    •   - SOF team got full coverage and got exiled, we got gas
    • R: Unit: Briefed LL on half "yo-yo" ops to request re-taskings
    •   - Pers: Great experience just thinking out of box to develop a solution that didn't immediately present itself
  7. FAC-A Abort
    • S: Training Sortie w/ BDU-33s and rockets
    •   - Multiple fighters, FAC-A / JTAC retained final clearance authority
    •   - Fighter call's in hot (w/ord), JTAC "clears hot"
    •   - I notice nose not pointed in right direction, possible overflight of friendlies
    •   - Decision: 1) assume JTAC sees this and accepts 2) Abort and reup
    • A: "Abort" / slow down / request final authority for attack
    •   - Fighter problems seeing the correct run in heading had TGT
    •   - I smoked a run in line, called attack az, followed fighter down shoot
    •   - Pers QC attack az, satisfied, cleared hot
    • R: TGT destroyed, no over flight of friendlies
    • R: Great LL for JTAC, Fighter, and me
  8. OIF No Drop
    • S:
    • A:
    • R:
    • R: Great LL to use all avail sources and never stop re-evaluating validity of GP
    • S: SOF, Late go (Lightening w/ in 5)
    •   - WX marginal (current Obs and Fcst good)
    •   - 8 jets getting armed up
    •   - Decision: 1) Launch 2) WX CNX to go
    •   - Top3 wanted me to launch 
    • A: Told tower to have all fighters hold short
    •   - Consulted with Ops / WX / Tower Wx tools
    •   - WX shop telling me about squall line developing, prob changing fcst
    •   - Discussions w/ Top3: Why? clearly not looking good / empathized / calm
    •   - Decided to WX CNX go
    • R:unpop w/ pilots & Top3
    •   - I saw their position but felt i had a better handle on the WX
    •   - Top3 came around
    • R: Private debrief w/ Top3, he actually agreed
    •   - Glad I erred on side of caution / WX hit and pretty sure all jets would have diverted
  10. Wedge
    • Top IP (Smartes guy in the FS)
    • Wanted to emulate in air and ground
    • Humble & Approachable
    • Generous with time
    • Great listener but also very engaging - great mix
    • Never made you feel bad for asking a question
    • Great IP
  11. EMABG
    • S: Finals week / on flying schedule day after return
    •   - had proper crew rest but drained
    • A: Asked schedulers to take me off schedule
    •  - found a trip trade
    • R: I got a couple of days to recover, still made RAP
    • R: Unit: Positive, good call
    •   Pers: glad I made call, got rest I needed, back more productive
  12. Tattoo
    • S: Flight CDR, newbie having issues, low lever altitude excursion
    •   - Rumblings in FS that he was in hot seat
    • A: Had already built up good rapport
    •   - Asked him if he wanted to go surfing that evening
    •   - learned he was having some family issues ontop of all the work stuff
    •   - Said no worries, would back him up, let;s develop a GP
    •   - Suggested to FS eldership active duty orders for 2 months / agreed
    •   - He committed, hundred down, and started to get accolades instead of negative comments
    • R: He was fully back on board, flying well, deployed to combat and did great things
    • R: Unit: Happy with me I stuck with him
    •   Pers: Happy we found a solution that worked for all players
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