1. When rocks are subjected to stress, in what tow ways might the rock behave?
    • 1. Plastic
    • 2. Brittle
  2. What three factors determine whether rocks will behavior as a brittle material or as a plastic material?
    • 1. Time
    • 2. Pressure
    • 3. Temperature
  3. Are earthquakes random?
  4. List three areas of the world where earthquakes most common?
    • 1. Circum-pacific belt
    • 2. Mid-Ocean Ridge
    • 3. Trans-Atlantic-Mediterrian Belt
  5. The cause of most earthquakes are:
    Tectonic Plates
  6. Define focus?
    Point in subsurface where earthquakes originates
  7. Define epicenter?
    Point above the focus
  8. Is it true that all earthquakes originate at the same depth?
    No there is shallow intermediate and deep.
  9. Can earthquakes occur at any depth within the earth?
    No only in depths below 700 km.
  10. What is foreshock?
    Minor earthquakes before main.
  11. Main Shock is?
    The main earthquake where most energy is released
  12. Aftershock is?
    The last of the earthquake what everyone feels the most
  13. The two types of earthquakes are?
    • 1. Body waves
    • 2. Surface waves
  14. Body waves are?
    • Primary: Push and pull
    • Secondary: Shake and sheer
  15. Surface waves are?
  16. Body waves include?
    • 1. Primary
    • 2. Seconday
  17. P waves?
  18. S waves are?
  19. What type of wave is responsible for the rolling motion in a earthquake?
    • Surface wave
    • Long Waves
  20. P waves can travel through:
    • 1. Solids
    • 2. Fluids
  21. S waves will only travel though:
  22. From fastest to slowest list the three types of seismic waves:
  23. The seismic wave to arrive at a seismograph station is the _____ wave?
  24. The scale of earthquake intensity is based on?
    • 1. Building damage
    • 2. Personal observation
  25. The scale of earthquake magnitude is based on?
    • Amplitude of seismic waves
    • Instrumental recording
  26. As a density of a material increases, the seismic wave velocity____.
  27. List three lines of evidence to support the concept that the earth is differentiated into different layers of composition?
    Passage of P and S waves through the earth
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