rules of fractions

  1. what must you do if you want to divide a fraction?
    trick question. you don't divide a fraction but you can flip the denominator and multiply
  2. what happens if you have to multiply an uneven fraction?
    multiply straight across and do not forget to simplify if you can
  3. when you add an uneven fraction what is the first thing you must do?
    find a common denominator
  4. what is the one rule that you have to follow when you have an improper fraction
    if you change the denominator you have to use the same process to change the numeratot
  5. when subtracting a mixed number does the same rule apply as it does in adding a mixed number?
    yes. if you have change the denominator you must also change the numerator.
  6. Is this accurate? 1/2 x 1/4 = 1/8
  7. how would you fix this? 

        1/2 /  9/2 =?
                     1/2 x 2/9 = 2/18
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rules of fractions
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