Company officer chapter 2

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  1. Good communication skills are essential in both your _ and in your_life
    work and personal
  2. Many fire chiefs report that the one weakness prevalent among their officers is their inability to do what?
    communicate effectively
  3. What type of communication is conducted according to established standards?
    Formal communications
  4. Formal communications transmit what type of information
  5. What type of communication is simpler and more spontaneous? We write with less formality when sending memos short notes and email to others
    informal communication
  6. The _ _is the most commonly used method of personal communications
    spoken word
  7. Regardless of whether you are speaking or writing the communications process is generally thought to include five elements called the communication model. what are the five elements
    • Sender
    • Message
    • Medium
    • Receiver 
    • Feedback
  8. There are three forms of personal communications what are they?
    • Oral
    • Written
    • Communicating with out words
  9. Any obstacle in the communication process is called what
  10. List the three types of barriers discussed in Company Officer
    • Physical - walls,distance,noise,obvious barriers
    • Personal - judgement, emotions, social values
    • Semantic - arise from language  problems
  11. In the communication process what may be the most important part for the company officer?
  12. What is defined as the deliberate and apparent process by which one focuses attention on the communications of another?
    Active listening
  13. What two things indicate a good listener?
    • Alert facial expression
    • Good posture
  14. When you are actively listening, three important things happen:
    • Actually hear what is being said 
    • Likely to remember what was said
    • Show respect for the sender
  15. Use the following principles whenever you employ writing in your communications (6 things)
    • Consider the reader
    • Emphasis - one topic
    • Brevity -long enough to do the job
    • Simplicity
    • Objectivity - bias should not be part of our writing
    • Mechanical accuracy
  16. Once you have completed writing a paper, how many times should you read it and mark up the copy ?
    Twice (one time then again 24 hours later, if possible repeat the entire process)
  17. Being able to communicate effectively enhances your what (3 things)
    • Leadership ability 
    • Gain respect from your supervisors and peers
    • Make you effective in talking with the public
  18. In all cases your ability to communicate creates an impression about whom (3 things)
    • You
    • Your organization 
    • Your profession
  19. The organizational chart indicates the formal lines of _ and _
    • Authority 
    • Responsibility
  20. What exists whenever two or more people share a common goal?
    A Group
  21. With 32,000 fire departments in the country, the types of departments vary considerably. However they generally fall into one of several major types (3 types)
    • Public fire department
    • County fire department
    • Fire district
  22. However the department is organized and funded it must be authorized by who?
    The local government
  23. To function effectively a fire department must have an _ _ that shows the relationship between the various divisions and activity
    Organizational plan
  24. The organizational plan should be based on what three functional activities
    • Prevention
    • Emergency operations 
    • Support activities
  25. There should be a job description for every position in the organization. The job description should identify what three things?
    • Skills required 
    • Work expected
    • Working relationship required of the position
  26. What 2 things that are vital to any organization?
    • Open communications
    • Strong leadership
  27. Most organizations have this type of structure, with one person in charge, and an increasing number of subordinates at each level as you move downward in the organization.
    Pyramid structure
  28. What is defined as to grant to another a part of one's authority or power?
  29. Departments with more than _% of their employees in staff assignments should look at the way they are doing business
  30. There are at least four types of relationships the chief can have with the assistant, based on the fire chief's style
    • Fire Chief Type 1- AC is clearly the second in command
    • Fire Chief Type 2- AC runs the department
    • Fire Chief Type 3- The fire chief probably promoted a long time friend 
    • Fire Chief Type 4- AC is not really in the chain of command
  31. What is referred to those activities that provide emergency services ?
    Line functions
  32. What is referred to those
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